Massage & Aromatherapy Community Clinic with Rachel Jackson LMT, CYI, Certified Level 2 Aromatherapist

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9am - 5pm MST


YĀM Healing Arts presents:
A day of mini sessions ~ 20min for $25
With Rachel Jackson, LMT, CYI & Certified Level 2 Medicinal Aromatherapist
If massage or self-care is something you have always wished you had the time or budget for, I hope this Massage & Aromatherapy Community Clinic Day makes it super accessible for you to retreat away for a quick reset at an affordable price!
Choose from the following sessions:
20MIN FOCUS ON THE BACK AND SPINE ~ A combination of Swedish acupressure points, essential oils, and hot towels for deep relief and increased circulation.
20MIN FOCUS ON NECK, HEAD & SHOULDERS ~ A combination of Swedish, acupressure points, essential oils, and hot towels for deep relief while gently releasing tension and clearing energy within this area of the body.
20MIN REFLEXOLOGY SESSION ~ Focusing on the feet (or hands and ears per request) to address the wellbeing of the whole body. We can focus this session on any area or system of the body that needs extra attention. Essential oils and hot towels are used to deepen the benefits of this session.
20MIN AURICULAR THERAPY ~ A mini auricular treatment can be just as profound with only 2-3 essential oils. This session focuses on the high-quality therapeutic grade essential oils used and can assist with congestion, headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, lymphatic congestion etc. After essences are applied with this unique technique, and lightly massaged into the neck, scalp and shoulders you will be offered a French Inhalation Steam to deepen the benefits of the session and continue to open the sinuses, lungs and clear the head.


A day of mini sessions ~ 20min for $25

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Call/Text/Email Rachel for more information or to reserve your spot now! 401.743.3688 [email protected] For a complete calendar of events and classes, visit:


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