A Live WOTE Level I Certification Course with Audre & Cynthia

Class Level: 

Level 1 Certification


October 27-October 28, 2022


Thursday 10am - 6pm


Learn the Ancient Art of Plant and Tree Medicine
You will learn about plant consciousness and the relationship between humans and the plant kingdom. You will also experience over 70 hand-poured essential oils. When working with these beautiful devas, you develop a heightened intuitive ability to intuit what you need on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. A wide range of applications, from the auricular to the cold-hot-cold technique, is taught. Several meditations are included to reinforce the connection with the unseen world and the wisdom it imparts.


$575 Early Bird, $550 before September 30, 2022

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Wisdom of the Earth 928-649-9968 or w


Audre and Cynthia

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