Level I Certification and Retreat with Kristina Turco

Class Level: 

Level 1 Certification


July 05-July 07, 2024


Friday 2 pm – 8 pm, Saturday 9 – 6 pm, Sunday 9 am – 4 pm


Description: Whether you want to expand your knowledge about working with essential oils for your career or you are simply passionate about essential oils for your own personal growth and family use, this is a perfect way to learn and experience so much in a short three days. This is a full immersion, heart-filled, and spiritual experience to restore communion with and re-ignite our connection with plants as the original medicine for all diseases on the planet. 

This certification intensive is an opportunity to dive deep into feeling the power of the essences. We will learn about how essences are made and what they truly are, as well as learn about what makes Wisdom of the Earth essences so unique and special. We will learn about the many myths about working with essential oils and learn and practice using many different application techniques. We will explore approximately 100 essences throughout the weekend, learning about the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing properties of each. This will be far beyond a classroom experience, learning about each essence through smell, touch, taste and experience. When you layer that many essences on in a short time and in an intentional and sacred space, be prepared for the unexpected. Time will be built in for personal reflection, meditation and sound healing with the crystal bowls as well. It will be an opportunity for personal breakthroughs and transformation.
Come prepared to spend some time with our feet outside on the earth with whatever the Colorado weather brings - sun or snow! Working with the essences is all about connecting to our own integration living in human form on this beautiful planet Earth. If time allows and if everyone in the group is up for it, we might even take a field trip into the foothills of beautiful Boulder.  Please reserve your retreat weekend as a sacred transformational retreat for yourself.
Meals included in your tuition: dinner on Friday, lunch on Saturday & Sunday, and snacks and tea. All meals will be organic and nourishing and will be custom-designed to accommodate any special dietary needs.


Fees: $650

Course Requirements: 

Please reserve your retreat weekend as a sacred transformational retreat for yourself. Also please know that this is an intensive experience for your body, mind and spirit. Please come rested and ready and also reserve a day or two following the weekend to rest and integrate this experience if possible.


Kristina Turco, Certified Teacher of Medicinal Aromatherapy and Licensed Massage Therapist Register: www.handsoftheheart.org/events, [email protected], (720) 256-6708 Location just outside of beautiful Boulder, Colorado


Kristina Turco

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