Level 1 Certification Retreat

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Level 1 Certification


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Friday (1-8pm), Saturday (9am-8pm), Sunday (9am-2pm)


This 3-day certification intensive is an opportunity to dive deep into feeling the power of the essences. We will learn about how essences are made and what they truly are, as well as learn about what makes Wisdom of the Earth essences so unique and special. We will explore approximately 100 essences throughout the weekend, learning about the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing properties of each. However, this will be far beyond a classroom experience. As we learn about each essence, we will be putting them on, breathing them in, and ingesting them. When you layer that many essences on in a short time in an intentional and sacred space, be prepared for the unexpected. Time will be built in for personal reflection, meditation and sound healing with the crystal bowls as well. It will be an opportunity for personal breakthroughs and transformation. Come prepared to spend some time with your feet outside on the earth with whatever the Colorado weather brings - sun or snow! Working with the essences is all about connecting to our own integration living in human form on this beautiful planet Earth so time will be built in for re-establishing our connection with the plant kingdom on every level. This is an intensive experience for your body, mind, and spirit.

The location will be in a gorgeous private retreat home in the small mountain town of Nederland, approximately 25 minutes away from Boulder, Colorado. Overnight accommodations and all meals (organic and designed to accommodate special needs) are included as this is a full immersion, heart-filled, and spiritual experience in living and being in communion with plants and nature. Although it is highly recommended to include overnight accommodations as part of this immersive experience, it is not necessary.


$550 for Certification class (early bird registration, 30 days or more before the start of the retreat) $575 for Certification class (less than 30 days before the start of retreat) Plus (strongly recommended but not required): $350 for double occupancy accommodations + all meals $450 for single occupancy accommodations + all meals

Course Requirements: 

Presence and participation throughout the entire duration of the event. Certification requires approval of a paper to be written within three months of completing the class.


For more information and registration: https://www.handsoftheheart.org/events/event-one-5xzex-bma98 Christina Turco, 720-256-6708, [email protected]


Kristina Turco

About the Instructor

Christina is a licensed massage therapist in Boulder, Colorado, weaving a wide range of healing modalities into her practice. She began learning about health, nutrition, medicine, and music as a young child from her parents and older siblings in their diverse careers in both allopathic and holistic medicine. She has always been a keen listener and observer and was aware of her intuitive gifts as a child. Although she was interested in the healing arts, she shifted course from her family and was drawn toward physics and engineering as her first career. After relocating to Colorado from Virginia, she was called to move into the healing arts herself. She started a private massage therapy practice, coming back to her true roots, incorporating sound healing, crystal healing, energy healing, and aromatherapy in her sessions. Although she has used aromatherapy her whole life, connecting with WOTE truly ignited her passion for the healing arts and synthesizes her long-time knowledge and interests. She works with the essences as vibratory frequencies that adapt and shift into the body to carry the messages that are required for healing. She feels like she was given the gift of her own unique medicine bag upon coming to work with the essences, not only for the physical but for healing the emotional and spiritual bodies as well.