Come Back To Your Senses: Summer with John and Siddiqa

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June 25-June 25, 2023


9am - 11am EST


Join master aromatherapists Siddiqa Salter and John Odlum for an exciting online experience.
We’ll be taking a new look at 3 amazing essences that will greatly support your body and mind transitioning from spring to summer.
Learn how and why Lavandin Grosso, Thyme Linalool, and Hyssop are a must-have for this season. Discover why essential oils distilled from flowering tops are important to integrating all levels of health, including your immunity, expanding your perspective, and inviting you to respond to life with your inner wisdom, allowing your brightest self to emerge.
Come Back to Your Senses is a wonderful learning opportunity for all essential oil lovers and those looking for ways to trust your body and intuition more deeply.


The class is $55 plus the cost of the oils. Class in non-refundable. If you are not able to make the class live, not to worry! We will gladly email you a class recording to enjoy at your leisure. We look forward to taking this journey with you! Additional purchase: You must have all three essences to participate in this class. If you do not already own them, please order them with me now. If you are a certified level one WOTE student, please order from my distributor site for your discount. If you need that website, please let me know. 15ml Lavandin Grosso $25 5ml Thyme Linalool $23 5ml Hyssop $20 We will explore their healing benefits, how to effectively work with these three flowering top essences, and establish a firm connection with your intuition and plant connection abilities.

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Contact John Odlum to register for this amazing experience. For more information or any questions: Phone: 860-922-6846 Email: [email protected] Website:


Siddiqa Salter


John Odlum
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