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Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have that quiet inner knowledge that you are capable of knowing exactly who you are and when you’ve done a good job? That doesn’t always come easily or naturally for a lot of us. Let’s figure out the essences that will help you rise above seeking approval from others before you can feel good about yourself, worrying about things outside of your control, not asking for help when you need it, or recognizing when you’ve made a mistake. Find out which oils can help you feel sure of yourself and your abilities.


$25 for the class and does not include the kit. You can build a kit at the end of class based on the oils we have discussed. The cost of the kit is separate from the cost of attending the class and will vary depending on the oils you choose. You are not obligated to purchase a kit if you attend the class.

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Susan Bender, 505-983-670 [email protected]


Susan Bender

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