Aromatherapy in Season ~ Winter’s Wisdom 1-3pm MST

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Special Topics


1-3pm MST


Nourishing our kidneys and restoring our energy sources from deep within ~ reconnecting with willpower and our unique path and purpose with confidence and inventiveness!

We will be discussing the season of Winter according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with the Water element associated with this season.

We will be sampling & learning about 9 primary therapeutic-grade essential oils from Wisdom of the Earth that can help us move into this season with vibrant health and well-being! Bonus essences and hydrolats will be shared as time allows.

Some of the topics we will cover are kidneys, reproductive organs, hormonal balance, the spirit of the Will, and discovering true purpose.

Bring paper and a pencil to take notes. We will discuss each essential oil in-depth and discover various medicinal applications.

Essential oils & Hydrolats will be available for purchase for your convenience. You can also purchase the Winter’s Wisdom AromaKit, which includes a beautiful, zippered carry pouch with 2mL bottles of all 9 of the essential oils for autumn and an informational booklet to guide you on each oil and usage.



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With Rachel Jackson, LMT, CYI & Certified Level 2 Medicinal Aromatherapist Located at our private residence studio in Camp Verde, AZ. Call or email Rachel for more information or to reserve your spot for this educational, fun & aromatic experience! 401.743.3688 [email protected]


Rachel Jackson

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