Aromatherapy in Season ~ Late Summer Reflections

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Special Topics


1-3pm MST


Staying Grounded, Abundant, and Connected to what truly nourishes you this Late Summer Season!
- We will be discussing the season of Late Summer according to Traditional Chinese Medicine along with the Earth element associated with this season.
- We will be testing and learning about 9 primary food-grade medicinal essential oils from Wisdom of the Earth that will help us move into this season with vibrant health and well-being! Some bonus essences and hydrolats will be shared as time allows.
- Some of the topics we will cover are digestive health, anxiety as it relates to this season, and supporting spleen and pancreas functions with essential oils and aromatherapy.
- Bring paper and pencil to take notes. We will be discussing each essential oil in-depth and discovering a variety of medicinal applications.
- Essential oils and Hydrolats will be available for purchase for your convenience. Or better yet, you can purchase the Late Summer Reflections AromaKit which includes a beautiful, zippered carry pouch with 2mL bottles of all 9 of the essential oils for late summer and an informational booklet to guide you on each oil and usage. Visit for more details on Seasonal AromaKits!


Cost: $35

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Call or email Rachel for more information or to reserve your spot for this educational, fun & aromatic experience! 401.743.3688 [email protected]


Rachel Jackson

About the Instructor

This is part of a series of classes I am offering at the turn of each season. My vision is for these gatherings to bring us together as we enter a new season, whether that season is internal or external, a large life shift or a small gentle transition. This is a platform to learn a luxurious way to support health and vitality on all levels with high-quality food-grade essential oils and embark into the change of seasons within our lives with awareness and intention. Visit our website for more information about future events like this and other wellness offerings.