The people of WOTE 


Our beautiful community of dedicated WOTIES helps bring the oils to each and every one of our valued customers throughout the world. From sourcing oils to pouring oils, from taking orders to packing orders, from visioning the future of WOTE and translating that vision into the offerings we create, to supporting the wonderful WOTE Master Distributors & Teachers in the US and abroad…this is the team that makes it happen.

Audre Gutierrez

Audre Gutierrez is a Master Medicinal Aromatherapist, and is the Co-founder and Owner of Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils. She consults with clients about Aromatherapy use (in person or by phone or Skype); and offers the WOTE Level I and II classes at Wisdom of the Earth in Cornville, AZ and via Zoom.   She also teaches private Level I classes in person and online. She offers extensive aromatherapy knowledge and a deep, intuitive connection with both the Plant Kingdom and her individual clients.

Together with Cynthia Olivera and Barry Kapp, Audre authored a beautiful compilation of stories and accounts about 19 essential oils called Voices of Light, Voices of Love:  Messages from the Plants and Trees.  This book is filled with life-changing stories from WOTE Level I students who wrote about their personal journey with an essential oil.  Carefully curated and edited, these personal accounts of the unique, spiritual connection between humans and the Plant Kingdom make this an inspirational aromatherapy book unlike any other.

Audre Gutierrez has a Master of Arts in Teaching and pursued Doctoral Studies in Organizational Behavior at the Wharton School of Business.  She has studied Aromatherapy in France with Dr. Malte Hozzel, and in the US with Barry Kapp, John Steele, and Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, among others. She is also a certified Reiki practitioner. Formerly, Audre had a successful executive career, including 7 years with a major drug development company and over 10 years in the Public Accounting industry as a Human Resources Executive. She left the corporate world in 2001 to co-found and be a full-time partner in Wisdom of the Earth. Audre assumed full ownership of the company in January 2020.

You can contact Audre by completing the form in the Contact Us section of this website, on her personal email at [email protected] or via her cell phone (928) 300-5090.  Her personal practice website is

Cynthia J. Olivera

Cynthia J. Olivera is a Master Medicinal Aromatherapist and the Educational Director for Wisdom of the Earth. She teaches Wisdom of the Earth’s Level I and the Level II Advanced Aromatherapy Sacred retreats with Audre Gutierrez, both in-person and online.

Cynthia J. Olivera is an author, a World Spirit Guide™️, medicine woman, and sage, and teaches people to use medicinal essences to help shift old paradigms and patterns for dynamic self-healing. As the director and founder of the Inner Landscape Work™️, a movement/meditation process for self-empowerment, and the founder of The Sacred Practice of Anointing, she travels internationally to teach plant consciousness to the growing movement of medicinal aromatherapists, meditators, and sacred anointers.  She is the author of The Book of Anointing, a spiritual journey into the rebellious art of sacred anointing. This art has been with us for thousands of years and has touched the hearts, minds, and souls of humanity. The anointers of the ancient world were wisdom-keepers and knew the power of essential oils to consecrate, heal, and awaken the soul. Cynthia Olivera’s book brings you into the sacred art of anointing as an Act of Love in the modern world.

Cynthia has a B.S. in Education from New York University and taught at the prestigious Bank Street School for Children in NYC. She developed a movement process called The OMM (The Olivera Method of Movement) and taught teachers throughout New England and the Tri-state area.

Cynthia Olivera is not your usual aromatherapist. Her lineage is built upon a generation of mother curanderos from the Caribbean and backward in time to the high kingdoms of Africa and the Mediterranean. She happily touts her Puerto Rican roots for her feisty, energetic, and friendly aura; but something deeper emerges when Cynthia plumbs hidden depths of knowledge with the "oils” for her clients and students.

You can contact Cynthia at [email protected] or purchase her book at

Susie Chandler

What is a fun fact about you? A fun fact about me is I love to create. I love the creative process whether I’m doing an art project or creating my business and shop, Calypsos Daughter, located on East Zuni Way in Rimrock, in which I carry antiques, art, vintage uniques, and gifts.  I also carry essential oils. My shop is bricks and mortar so I love to create the vignettes. So I have the best of all worlds; I work as a pourer at Wisdom of the Earth, I sell essential oils, art antiques, and help to create the vintage uniques from antique parts.

What is your position at WOTE? Pourer

When did you start working at WOTE? 2013

How did your relationship with essential oils begin? My relationship with essential oils began with a bad case of bronchitis. I was visiting my family in Arizona from where I was living in 2009 in Wyoming. Maija, who also works at WOTE), brought me into the WOTE office and she and Cynthia indoctrinated me with the essences. I have been using them ever since.

When did you go to Level 1? Spring 2012

What did you write your paper on? Ylang Ylang

When did you go to Level 2? October 2012

How do you work with the essences in your daily life? The essences are an integral part of my everyday life. My granddaughters call me the essence doctor. We use them for colds, cuts, bruises, calming, mental clarity, you name it. All parts of our lives. I also use them on our furry family members.

What is your favorite aspect of the practice of aromatherapy? As a pourer, I receive from the essences a very personal message about each essence that I pour. It is, to me, a very sacred experience. The act of anointing myself or another is personally rewarding and powerful The practice of aromatherapy is all about listening. Listening to the essences, your client, and yourself. Trusting what you hear and feel, and acting upon those messages to bring help and relief.

Maija Makela-Wright

What is a fun fact about you? Hyvaa Paivaa -(That's "Good Day" in Finnish). I grew up in a Finnish family in Sedona Arizona, Phoenix, and Cornville. I went to high school in Jerome in the 1960’s & 1970’s. I was involved in the music and dance world throughout my life – singing and performing and allowing the Spirit to move and flow through me – bringing joy, peace, beauty, and healing to those around me. I was even invited to share my dancing at a big hospital convention!

Married for 50 years to my high school sweetheart, raised 3 children, and blessed with 10 grandchildren, plus 2 great-grandchildren.

What is your position at WOTE? The Everything Girl
-Pulling the essences, packing, and delivering packages to the Post Office.
-Processing orders on the computer.
-Answering phone calls and helping people with their orders.
-Helping people who come into our store and answering any questions they have about the essences.
-Preparing food for office staff.
-Plus attending to other miscellaneous things that need to be done around the office.

When did you start working at WOTE? May of 2016

How did your relationship with essential oils begin? Back in 1997, I started having digestive issues. My chiropractor was using Young Living essential oils, so she suggested that I try applying the Thieves Blend to my abdomen and bottoms of my feet. I noticed that I was beginning to feel better and had more energy, so I signed up to be a distributor with Young Living.

Then in about 2009, a close friend of ours told me about a really great essential oil company called “Wisdom Of The Earth” that was near Cornville where I live. My friend told me that they had some really nice Frankincense and that I should go check this company out.

So I did, and that’s when I met Barry, Cynthia, and Audre. It was “love at first sniff” when I smelled and applied the many wonderful essences. It was like day and night in comparison between their essences and Young Livings! I was so excited to have Wisdom Of The Earth come into my life! It definitely was a life-changer for me! I knew I was hooked and just wanted to go deeper in learning and knowing all I could about these awesome plants and trees! I knew I wanted to be a part of Wisdom Of The Earth, hoping someday that I could work there and be of service to them and to the plant/tree kingdom in getting these healing

Medicines out to those looking for a more natural and effective way to bring the body, soul, and spirit back into balance and well-being.

When did you go to Level 1? April of 2011 with Barry and Cynthia. They were teaching their last Level 1 class.

What did you write your paper on? Mugwort

When did you go to Level 2? October 2016

How do you work with the essences in your daily life? I love adding the essences in my daily face regime. I like applying certain essences to my heart and crown chakras. They are my medicine for my health and emotional issues! I also like to diffuse them, make cleaning products, and adding a few drops in my lotions, soaps, in the laundry, etc. I do enjoy using them using them for meditation, art, dancing, exercising and for energy, focus, grounding and sleep !

What is your favorite aspect of the practice of aromatherapy? I love sharing the “Heart of Mother Earth”(Home) with others and seeing and hearing their stories about how the essences have helped them with their issues and how they transformed their lives- bringing more joy, peace, and hope in their hearts!

It is fun coming up with new ideas and ways on what to use the essences for. I love studying about the plants and trees and all the many different facets about them which helps one to understand them and how they can help you to overcome all the various emotional and physical issues in this life.

I also love bringing new Love and Light into this world through sharing the unconditional Love of God’s beautiful creation of the plants, flowers, trees, and so much more!

Bronlin Chandler

What is a fun fact about you? I grew up in a foreign country

What is your position at WOTE? Assistant to the Sacred Pourer

When did you start working at WOTE? August 2020

How did your relationship with essential oils begin? I started using them for stomach issues and anxiety

When did you go to Level 1? Dec 2012

What did you write your paper on? Fragonia

When did you go to Level 2? April 2014

How do you work with the essences in your daily life? I used them daily for my health and well-being as well as in my massage practice

What is your favorite aspect of the practice of aromatherapy? It is Mother Nature taking care of us. Introducing others to essential oils.

Ami Sarasvati

What is a fun fact about you?

I am a therapeutic musician and author of the books, online courses, and online community, Learn to Play the Native American Style Flute and Musician’s Heart Journey. Additionally, I am a faculty teacher for the Music for Healing and Transitions Program through which I am a Certified Music Practitioner. I teach Native American Style flute lessons online privately. 

I am originally from New Hampshire but moved to Arizona in 2017. I'm an accredited T'ai Chi Chih instructor, Reiki Master teacher, and I am learning to play Flamenco guitar. 

My websites: 

Learn to Play the Native American Style Flute

Musician’s Heart Journey for her book series and online journaling club

What is your position at WOTE? Marketing and IT Coordinator

When did you start working at WOTE?

September 2018 although I began my journey in July of 2005 on a pleasure trip to Sedona where I first visited WOTE.

How did your relationship with essential oils begin? On the Sedona trip in July of 2005. I heard about WOTE and drove over to visit them. I met Barry and Audre. I also met the essences and fell deeply in love. That fall, I attended Level 1 and it has been part of my life ever since.

When did you go to Level 1? November 2005 in Connecticut taught by Barry & Cynthia

What did you write your paper on? Champaca

When did you go to Level 2? June 2010. That week changed my life. I had so many experiences that cannot be explained. Many people who have gone through Level 2 can surely relate.

How do you work with the essences in your daily life? Aromatherapy is a lifestyle for me. I use them for my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

What is your favorite aspect of the practice of aromatherapy? The feeling that I am aligning with the purity and love of the plant kingdom. I love knowing my bloodstream has the oils in it.

Robin Michaels

What is your position at WOTE? Packing and shipping Coordinator

When did you start working at WOTE? August 7, 2021

When did you go to Level 1? 2004

What did you write your paper on? Davana

When did you go to Level 2?  2006 became a Master Distributor