We have three CDs at present:

Interview with Barry Kapp, as presented on A Better World. Broad overview of Medicinal Aromatherapy and Wisdom of the Earth’s approach. 20 min. $21.00

Interview with Audre Wenzler, as presented on A Better World. Some background on Audre’s special perspective, coming out of the corporate world and the allopathic medical paradigm, and discussion on specific situations and essences for each. 12 min. $13.00

Medicine Wheel Meditation guided by Audre Wenzler. Overview of Essential oils and their role in deepening the meditation experience and an actual group meditation conducted at Treehouse Yoga in Santa Fe, NM, using ancient Medicine Wheel teachings as its basis. 46 min $13.00

Also for free go to “You Tube” and click on Wisdom of the Earth, scroll down until you see 3 separate clips on us. Enjoy!

Types of Products