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Cistus (Rock Rose) A channeling from my heart You come to me from the depths of ancient times, you remember me, and through my haze of forgetfulness, I begin to remember you. You are patient, dear old friend of mine, awaiting my awakening of full remembrance so once again we can commune and laugh as one. So much lives within you, all of time, all of eternity. You are a wise friend, with many illuminating facets, shining Truths in so many ways, gently bestowing wisdom through your many delicious hues of Love. I was never introduced to Cistus before the Level One weekend, and when we were passing around an abundance of scrumptious essences, she stood out to me as one of my favorite scents. However, it wasn’t until Sunday, when we did the healing exchanges that I absolutely fell in love with her. My lovely partner doused my heart with Cistus and I fell into a deep, ecstatic trance. At the time, I did not know the name of the essence I was connecting with, but it didn’t matter, as this was an experiential journey and I could feel so deeply what she was all about. An excerpt from my journal entry that same day explains the feeling she evoked in me: “She felt like a part of me, beyond ancient, familiar, she brought tears to my eyes, it was a remembrance…”. I recall, coming home after my transformational Level One weekend that I could still smell her more than any other essence, and I knew I needed to work further with her. I recognized from my first heart connection with her, that she is a much awakened essence, and through my intuition, I could furthermore feel how multi-layered she is. I still, to this day, am mesmerized by how familiar she feels. I sense that I am in the early stages of my re-kindling with her, but I know one thing is certain — I have a lot to learn from her. When I received my first bottle of Cistus, I was surprised at my reaction to her when we were reunited. Once I received her, I felt very overwhelmed by her. I could even say I was a little repelled, as I didn’t know how to take her. Her scent to me was almost gaseous, very strong, potent and intense. I did, however, recognize that she was probably going to be most beneficial to me. I understood the importance of knowing how, what is sometimes best for us, can seem the most undesirable when we are in a state of resistance. I also found it interesting that I had purchased other essences, along with two almost empty essences that were gifted to me by my teachers, and each of these I was able to journal and channel about effortlessly. Yet, when it came to the one essence I connected to the most out of the entire weekend, and knew I wanted to eventually write my paper on, I felt stuck. I also must admit that a lot of physical and emotional issues were “up” around my second chakra at this time, and in retrospect, and now with more knowledge of her medicinal effects, I can see how she was probably the perfect companion and antidote for what I was experiencing. It also explains why there was so much resistance, as I know for as long as I have understood energy, that I store “trauma” in my second energy center. Subsequently, I used her very sparingly, as I was having trouble taking her in. Nonetheless, not too long after working with her for a little while, something shifted tremendously for me. One evening, when I was feeling very upset, I glanced over to my essences and I knew immediately she was the one I wanted to turn to. I picked her up and her softness and friendship were revealed to me. As I breathed her in deeply, I was amazed at how her whole scent had shifted; what before was almost a gaseous scent, was now like the scent of a sweetened bubble bath. Her scent evoked a feeling of warmth and was filled with everything to nurture, nourish and pamper my body, mind and spirit. Her essence whispered to me how she could see that I was being very hard on myself and she asked me to apply her to my heart. I generously applied her, and she began to soothingly remind me of My Truth, My Love. This exchange was the beginning of me working with her on even deeper levels. At the Level One weekend, I was very open due to all the essences and healing that had taken place, but once I got back to my everyday life, I needed to find a way to connect with her again. That evening, when I turned to her, something shifted, and I knew from that moment forward that she was here for me, for my Absolute Highest Good, and I now knew this on every level. We now work together most days, and she continues to help me to grow as person, always encouraging me to strive toward my personal mantra, which is to be the absolute best expression of myself that I can be. I truly do recognize that she is not a new friend, but in fact an ancient goddess, who my Spirit has known beyond the walls of time. She has reunited with me in this very important lifetime, where I aspire to awaken and align to my authentic self, to my Inner Light and Endless Love. I am so grateful she has shown herself to me and I know I will continue to grow in Love and in Service with her by my side.