aromakitasianflowerWe offer a number of beautiful, practical carrying cases that fit easily into a purse, briefcase or back pack. The picture which accompanies this section is an example of one of our kits. Scroll down for a description of our five NEW and exciting Aroma Kits: Blessed Event, Scent of a Woman, Ascension, Manifest! and Love is in the Air.

Each Aroma Kit contains between 12 & 18 2 ml bottles (depending upon the kit), with each bottle containing approx. 60 drops of essential oil. They come in a variety of patterns…South West, Far Eastern, Floral, Celestial or Provence.

Scent of a Woman captures the softness and strength of a woman, and includes 15 essences which address common female issues: hormonal balance, skin care, digestion, libido, anxiety, insomnia, headaches. The cost is $105, plus S&H, and includes information on the qualities of each essence. Essences included are: Rose Hip Seed, Carrot Seed, Ginger, Grapefruit, Geranium, Cypress, Davana, Anise Raven, Clary Sage, Indian Lemongrass, Manuka, Marjoram (Sweet), Peppermint, Highland Lavender and Ylang Ylang.

Ascension contains 12 essences known to connect you to cosmic and angelic energies…as well as to the wisdom of your own heart. They also open the door to the ancient wisdom of Mother Earth, providing grounding for your journey to the stars. Essences included are: Holy Basil, Cedar Leaf, Lavender (Highland), Tangerine, Wild Tansy, Hyssop, White Sage, Frankincense, Buddha Wood, Spikenard, Angelica Root and Himalayan Cedarwood. It is $140, plus S&H, and includes information on the qualities of each essence.

Blessed Event includes 12 essences especially selected to nurture the mother-to-be during her pregnancy, prepare and strengthen her body & spirit for the experience of labor and delivery, and welcome the new little one with grace and love. Essences known both in modern times and ancient for their benefit are included, designed to honor the strength and power of the woman, as well as theinfluence and loving support of the angelic realm. Essences included are: Eucalyptus Blue Gum, Fir (Balsam), Geranium, Jasmine (Egyptian); Lavender (Spike), Mandarin, Neroli (Egyptian), Nutmeg, Basil (Sweet), Rose Hip Seed Oil, Spruce (White), Ylang Ylang. This kit is $135.

Manifest! contains essences which support you in creating the life you were meant to live. They help bring clarity to your life’s purpose and then bring that purpose into being despite life’s challenges and setbacks. Essences included are: Red Spruce, Black Spruce, Spike Lavender, True Sage, Wild Chamomile, Eucalyptus (Mint), Tagetes, Basil (Exotic), Hyssop, Nutmeg, Laurel Leaf, Orange (bigarade), Balsam (gurjun), Juniper Berry and Rhododendron. This kit is $105, plus S&H, and includes a description of the essences included. .

Love is in the Air contains some amazing aphrodisiac essential oils which increase your libido, enhance the experience of spiritual love, and help you address issues which may impact your capacity for intimacy and deep sharing. These kit include 12 essences: Wild Chamomile, Cinnamon Leaf, Ginger Lily, Nutmeg, Ylang, Ylang, Champaca Flower, Clary Sage, Ginger, Wild Tansy, Rosewood, Magnolia and Violet. It is playful and sensual. The kit costs $140, plus S&H, and includes a description of the qualities of each of the essences.

Our traditional Emergency Kit has 12 of the bottles filled with multi-use, economical essences, including Birch, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Grand Fir, Lavandin, Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Cedarwood. It also comes with a handout that gives suggested uses for each of the 12 essences and a “symptoms” list, so that you can see which of the essences in your Kit are suggested for common ailments such as cuts/bruises, headaches, stomach aches, etc. The kit costs $90 (plus S&H)

You can also customize the kit by filling the remaining open bottles (3-6, depending on the kit). Many customers want some of the more expensive essences, such as Rose, Frankincense, or Chamomile, or are treating a specific ailment and need essences for that); a $5 pouring charge and the 2ml cost of each selected essence would be added to the $90 cost of the Emergency Kit.

Complete Custom Kits are also available, and can be part of a phone or personal consultation on oil use.

Travel Kits have 15 “open” 2 ml bottles (with labels) for those who have their own essences and want a convenient way to carry a lot of them for travel or daily in their purse or bag. They come in the same fabric options and cost $40 (plus S&H)

They make wonderful gifts…whether for a friend/relative or for yourself! And, it is wonderful to have a wide selection of essences with you for emergencies or to ensure consistent treatment when traveling or at work or school.

For purchasing all Kits please contact Audre directly at, call at 505 438 0855.  

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