Sweetgrass (Mascerated in Organic Grapeseed Oil)


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Our Sweetgrass essential oil (Hierochloe odorata) is made by a wonderful Canadian farmer who mascerates her sweetgrass in organic Grapeseed Oil for one year to produce this lovely and very rare oil.  Energetically, Sweetgrass has believed by many indigenous tribes to dispel negative energy, help us access our emotional strength, and engage our minds and senses for keen perception and deep understanding of situations.  Sweetgrass was also burned historically to ward off insects and, spiritually, to purify a space and carry prayers to the heavens.  This beautiful oil is presented in a roller-ball format in the 10 ml size, and a more traditional “orifice reducer dropper” in the 5 ml size.  

This is a very rare find, and is offered on an occasional and limited basis as it becomes available to us.