Montana / New Mexico


Teacher/MD  ~ Velvet Phillips-Sullivan ~ A WOTE Master Distributor and soon to be Level 1 Teacher with over two decades of experience in working with the Plant People. As a single mother of a child born with immune system issues, Velvet sought ways to help her daughter be healthy first through the Plant Kingdom. Way before there was internet, Velvet did a home study course for herbalism and changed her relationship with food in order to support her daughter. Her first experience in understanding that plants are conscious beings was during a course with renowned Plant Medicine practitioner, Stephan Buhner. This course opened her heart, her mind and her consciousness to the fact that plants are here to help in a very loving and supportive way. Then in 2001 she became a reflexologist and started working with essential oils to further facilitate wholeness and wellbeing. She didn’t begin working with WOTE Plant Essences until 2009 when one of the company’s employees wandered into her metaphysical rock shop. But she was so taken with the way WOTE worked with the essences that she dreamed for years of studying with Barry. While she was waiting for the right time to take the plunge, she studied several modalities (Body Talk, Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Training and Plant Spirit Medicine with Eliot Cowan) and created a few of her own to further the healing of her clients on a physical, mental and emotional level. Finally, in 2013 she took the level 1 medicinal aromatherapy certification course and in 2018 manifested her dream of studying with Barry, Cynthia & Audre. She uses WOTE Plant Essences in the meditations she facilitates, in her reflexology & akashic record sessions as well as private consultation sessions and Divine BluePrint Restoration, Activation and Upgrade session. To schedule an appointment with Velvet you can contact her at 406-250-4560 or email her at


New Mexico


Teacher/MD ~ Susan Bender – In 1996, while living in Los Angeles, Susan Bender had an “Ah-ha” moment.  Despite years of success in the entertainment industry, she was discontent and feeling disconnected.  Her mind kept going back to a time in her life in which she spent months in physical therapy recovering from a near fatal bike accident.  “I remember how much pain relief and well-being I felt through the natural healing arts during my rehabilitation,” she recalled.  She realized a high-stress career was not the right choice for her.  She began studying and practicing traditional massage and Cranial Sacral Therapy in California, but felt drawn back to her roots in New Mexico, settling in Santa Fe, a community she loves for its natural beauty and openness to holistic lifestyles.

As a licensed massage therapist, specializing in Ancient Lomi Lomi, Susan is drawn to ancient healing practices.  She spent years looking for the best essential oils to use as medicine in her practice.  When she met the owner of Wisdom of the Earth in 2011, she knew she had found the right match.  Finding these essences was like finding a missing puzzle piece.   Helping others uncover their true light and healthiest self is Susan’s passion.  In addition to teaching Level 1 classes, she provides private consultations and has developed Anointings, using the essences to specifically enhance immunity, energize, release stress and boost overall wellness.  More information can be found on Susan’s website: or contact her by email at or call 505-983-6709

Jill EdelmanMD ~ Jill Inanna ~ Jill’s trinity of transformation has come from deep communion with the plants and trees, the wondrous ambassadors of Gaia herself, a continued and curious exploration of higher realms of consciousness, and sublime receptivity to sacred sound as a means to reset energetic patterns that keep us from our divine nature.  The essential oils have held her hand in her wonder-filled explorations in life.  She has come to know deeply that when we stray from our path, we become weak and prone to dis-ease, and the oils always guide her home.  Her most heartfelt passion and desire is to help guide others back to their point of origin, their wholeness.  In a multifaceted and deep personal journey through grief and personal and family illness, she has come to know the power of embodying the wholeness we seek, embracing our own unique truth in life, and standing for what is most sacred to us as we each walk our own spirit path.  In that quest, the essences continue to be indispensable guides.   Second only to the bliss of being a mother to her two blessed children, she receives many of her treasures in life from being a heart centered entrepreneur and owner of Origin at Rancho de San Juan, a unique and sacred meditation and healing retreat center in Ojo Caliente, NM.  There, she offers medicinal aromatherapy consultations, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle and spiritual guidance, along with sound healing sessions with the Crystal Tones Singing Bowls.  Jill uses the essential oils as sacred companions in all of her offerings of ceremony and sound healing, including meditations.  Her ability to meet you where you are in life, and offer encouragement to her fellow seekers to sing their own spirit song with joy and abandon, provides a profound platform of compassion for all to find, once again harmony, integrity, and self-love.  Jill comes to the oils from a profound place of deep respect and gratitude and encourages her clients to listen to their own wisdom as they are gently and steadfastly guided back to their place of wholeness.

You may contact me at:  (505)-919-9902 or, or email me at