Teacher/MD ~ Kat Augustdottir – Shuford ~ is a Master Medicinal Aromatherapist, Shamanic Healer and Intuitive for Plant Consciousness. She is grateful to be one of the original teachers for Wisdom of the Earth which has blessed her with over a decade of personal, family and client successes to share with her students. Her personal protocols and “plant prescriptions are shared in her classes in order to give her students a jump start into the powerful world of essential essences. She credits the essences with strengthening her galactic and off world connections as well as deepening her remembrance of her commitments to Gaia. Kat teaches practical medicinal aromatherapy for all health concerns and has raised all three of her children as well as her first grandchild with an out of the box approach that is counter to western medical standards. She promotes personal accountability and courage and supports her students in making radical steps to healing on all levels that reach far beyond their time in the classroom. 

There was a moment of intensity at the onset of the journeying with the plant essences that came close to being overwhelming for me. Deep inside myself, because of similar past experiences I knew I was alright and that the process was of breaking through a barrier of self limitation that I was willing to go through. But a reassurance was needed. And in that moment Kat was there for me as a strong, compassionate guide…She held me with her eyes until I felt completely safe. And with that renewed strength I ventured forth into a journey that was transformative. Kat’s level of attention and depth of perception is a gift you may wish to experience first hand.”  Kachina A. Texas!

Kat would love to hear from you and learn more about your journey and your interest in the power of the the plants and trees! She is always happy to share her classes, sacred music and healing work with the essences and Mother Earth in hopes to inspire you on your path. You can connect with her at or call her at (970) 366 0963. You can visit her classes page at for upcoming Level 1 information and syllabus. Blessed Be!

2014-07-21 18.18.42Teacher/MD ~ Lindsey Fernandez ~ of Essential Soul Therapy began her journey into the healing arts at the age of 19 as massage therapist. For the past 16 years she has continued to expand her knowledge of healing and commitment to assisting others through Reiki, Medicinal Aromatherapy and other forms of energy work.  “The essences have taught me so much about myself and brought profound transformation into my life. As a mother they have allowed me to take my health into my own hands and care for my family in a way that is in alignment with my beliefs and in sync with Mother Earth.”  She is a Wisdom of the Earth Master Medicinal Aromatherapist and Level One Certification Instructor.  She also provides massage/energy sessions and aromatherapy consultations.  Lindsey is passionate about spreading the healing message of the plants and trees and helping her clients reconnect to their own intuitive guidance for transformation and healing. Contact information:  (970) 331-3750   website:

Contact Information ~ Lindsey Fernandez (970)331-3750, … Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified Aromatherapist

Teacher/MD ~ Candice Claire Oksenhorn ~ I am passionate about reconnecting with and teaching natural healing practices. I had a strong cosmic connection at a very young age and circled back around to this as an adult. I was very drawn to the power of aromatherapy and took the foundational course with Wisdom of the Earth around the same time I became a  a Chopra Certified Meditation & Ayurvedic Lifestyle instructor. I continue to study and mentor with a variety of teachers to learn more about Ayurveda, herbs, foods, teas, etc. I then became a certified Yoga Health Coach teaching an online course on the 10 most important ayurvedic daily habits. I have used these essences and practices in my own traumatic healing journey. I live in Aspen, CO and coach privately as well  teach classes to help my clients learn to joyfully take responsibility for their health using natural practices, healthy eating and aromatherapy.

I became a Wisdom of the Earth Master Aromatherapist in 2018. I ALWAYS use these beautiful essences in every class and with every client. There is not a day that I don’t anoint myself and my environment with the healing essences. There is truly something unique and very special about Wisdom of the Earth’s essential oil essences!  They lovingly work on all 5 of our bodies.

Candice can be contacted by going to her website  She can also be reached though email or telephone 970-948-7525.

Teacher/MD ~ Sheridan Semple H.H.P., C..A., C.N.C. 

I always say that the earth saved me. In fact, I believe it can save just about anyone, no matter what they’re going through. Growing up in Aspen, Colorado led me discover my love for the outdoors and how the human body is healed by nature. I learned firsthand the healing power of the earth as a young child hiking in the mountains to be with the trees as I recovered from trauma. My connection to the land has carried me through the most challenging times in my life.

Helping others in a deep, meaningful way to use the medicine of the earth to heal themselves has always been my calling. As a child, time and time again, I was surprised by the ways that natural medicine could cure ailments in ways modern medicine just wasn’t able to do. My passion is teaching you to trust yourself and listen to your inner wisdom and knowing to heal yourself, coupled with the consciousness of the plants to support you. My mission is to empower you to take your health into your own very capable hands. Connecting with the essences of the plants and trees is the best tool for self-healing I have found. I know that working with these essences offers you healing on every level – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

By trade, I am a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), Clinical Aromatherapist (CCA), Certified Nutritionist (CNC), and Clinical Herbalist (CCMH). I have worked in the holistic health field for 20 years and came to the power of aromatherapy through a traditional naturopath with whom I apprenticed 10 years ago. My practice is based in Aspen where I embody the local motto of mind, body spirit in my healing work with clients. I work with people locally and all over the world, as well as teach weekly classes on health and healing through aromatherapy.

She can be found at, by emailing her at or by calling her at 970-309-9580.

_60C0035MD ~ Deva Shantay ~ is a Psychic Intuitive Channel, Yoga Therapist, Advanced Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist and is currently studying to be a Doctor of Ayurveda at the California College of Ayurveda. She leads trainings, conducts psychic/intuitive consults and is the co-founder of True Nature Healing Arts in Carbondale, CO. Deva’s deep connection to the metaphysical realm began in early childhood, but was deepened after her near death experience snowshoeing in the mountains near Vail, CO at the age of 25. Since this experience, Deva has explored many different modalities to support herself and others reconnecting to Spirit.

WOTE has supported Deva in opening up to the plant and tree medicine which has become a vital asset to her personal growth and to the service work she does with others. Deva supports her clients in engaging with essences to empower them on their personal healing journey.

Contact information: (970)361-0738;;

MD – Beth Smetzer K.N.P.

MD – Beth Smetzer K.N.P. has  felt  a deep connection to the land around her and all of it’s living beings since early childhood. She grew up in the mountains of Colorado listening to the plants and trees. Beth trained to be a Kambo practitioner in the Peruvian jungle under the Matses lineage and is a registered Kambo Naturista practitioner.

She is a certified yoga instructor a Wisdom Of The Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist, Master distributor and a Reiki  master.

She combines shamanic modalities, sound healing and plant medicine to help her clients access their own innate healing, growth, remembering and reconnection.  She provides a safe sacred space for release and integration.

She can be reached at or by phone at (970)319-1797.

Master Distributor ~ Kristen Tullar ~ Kristen works as a licensed Holistic Health Coach and Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist in the Colorado Mountains with her husband and 2 daughters. She has a passion and deep interest in coaching clients of all ages towards elevated health and wellness through nutrition and lifestyle changes. In her practice as a Holistic Health Coach, she finds great success in improving her clients wellness by pairing essences with her coaching. Kristen has always had a passion for working with children and teens and continues to share this passion by hosting wellness and essential oil workshops specifically designed for our younger generations.

Wisdom of the Earth came into her life over a decade ago, when a chiropractic healer anointed her with essences in treatment. Kristen was blown away by the immediate physical and emotional effects they had on her, and so, began the love affair with Wisdom of the Earth essences. She feels strongly that her health and spiritual wellbeing have improved drastically since she starting using these essences and feels immense gratitude towards the plant kingdom.

Contact infoformation: or 970.379.4605

Teacher/MD ~ Christina Turco, LMT ~ is a licensed massage therapist in Boulder, Colorado, weaving a wide range of healing modalities into her practice. She began learning about health, nutrition, medicine and music as a young child from her parents and older siblings in their diverse careers in both allopathic and holistic medicine. She has always been a keen listener and observer and was aware of her intuitive gifts as a child. Although she was interested in the healing arts, she shifted course from her family and was drawn towards physics and engineering as her first career. After relocating to Colorado from Virginia, she was called to move into the healing arts herself. She started a private massage therapy practice, coming back to her true roots, incorporating sound healing, crystal healing, energy healing and aromatherapy in her sessions.

Although she has used aromatherapy her whole life, connecting with WOTE truly ignited her passion in the healing arts and synthesizes her long-time knowledge and interests. She works with the essences as vibratory frequencies that adapt and shift into the body to carry the messages that are required for healing. She feels like she was given the gift of her own unique medicine bag upon coming to work with the essences, not only for the physical but for healing the emotional and spiritual bodies as well.

Contact Info: (720)256-6708,,


Teacher/MD ~ Susan Cote~ An Aromatherapy Level 1 Certification Teacher for Wisdom of the Earth. She has been using and studying plant medicine for over two decades.  Susan is a catalyst in bringing the healing power of plants to her community. She weaves her experience as a Birth Doula, Educator, Herbalist and Dance Instructor into all that she does.  Her individual and group classes offer a chance to deepen knowledge, connection and inner guidance.  Susan currently works as a CTI trained Life Coach, offering clients a chance to slow down and consciously create a fulfilled, vibrant life.  With the support of Essential Oils, Susan can help guide you to accessing your highest self.  Susan has always had a deep love for and connection to the earth, which is obvious in her daily life.  At a young age, Susan romped in the woods with her older brothers collecting plants and bugs.  Now she can be found vending her homegrown produce, tinctures and teas at local farmers markets.  Susan is a certified public school teacher, who has taught in a variety of settings. She is also a certified birth doula through Doulas of North America, DONA.  A career highlight was studying with Ina May Gaskin at The Farm. Susan has supported hundreds of women on their birth journey. She holds a global view of healing, birthing and leadership.  She was chosen to join 20 women from across the world in Israel for a 1 month leadership conference.

“Let me show you how to step into the highest version of yourself with the help of WOTE essential oils.” – Susan Cote

You can contact Susan through her website:, Email:, or Phone: 860.942.0197

Teacher/MD ~ Lisl Meredith Huebner ~

After years of personal study with several of the most respected experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and intensive courses in Beijing, China, beginning in 1995, Lisl earned the rare distinction of being certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) as a diplomate in Chinese Herbology – the highest accreditation an herbalist can receive in the US.  Lisl is intensely qualified to understand the nature of plant medicine in all its forms, and her vast personal interactions with thousands of patients has made her an expert in diagnosing patterns of imbalance according to a Traditional Chinese medical paradigm.  In 2008, Lisl completed advanced medicinal aromatherapy training in Sedona, AZ with Wisdom of the Earth’s Audre Gutierrez, Cynthia Olivera and Barry Kapp, and has been a teacher of the WOTE medicinal aromatherapy certification course since 2009. This life-changing class is well-known for fostering deep love, respect and connection to the Plants, Trees, and Mother Earth. Lisl continues to develop her mastery of the elements through intensive spiritual practices and is respected as a High Priestess guiding neophytes through deep esoteric studies of Magick and The Mysteries. 

MD/Teacher ~ Shana McCarthy ~ has used and studied plant medicine for 20 years in the form of essential oils, organic skincare herbs and food. As an advanced Medicinal Aromatherapist thru Wisdom of the Earth it has allowed her the blessing to teach and work with others to become knowledgeable in utilizing this ancient medicinal modality.

She began her journey in the healing arts as a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2001. In 2004 she began an intensive 3.5 year Energy Medicine course and now co-teaches these classes.  Through this she brings/teaches individuals how to ground into their bodies empowering them to shift deeply, remembering and aligning them to why they are here. This also brings them the ability to connect to themselves on the deepest level possible.

Shana owns her own Spa and Wellness Center in West Haven, CT, where she practices these modalities as well as teaches the Wisdom of the Earth level 1 Certification Course. 

For more information about Shana, she can be reached by email or telephone 203-710-6532.

facebookphotoTeacher/MD ~ John Odlum ~ BA, LMT, CMA, QTP ~ is a Nationally Certified and Connecticut Licensed Massage Therapist, as well as an Advanced Certified Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, TSR practitioner, and an Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner. He is the founder of Tru Elements and resides in West Hartford, CT. John’s deep love for humanity and Nature has led him to provide a safe space for others to transform and heal themselves through a deeper connection to Earth. John works with clients of all ages; hosting a variety of events such as Guided Essence Meditations; and several other events that are catered to inspire and educate about the Earth and all her inhabitants. John also teaches many workshops and certification courses live and online in Medicinal Aromatherapy to provide an avenue for deeper self exploration via plant spirit medicine. John continues to learn on a daily basis from the plants, trees and crystals. Whether it is from teaching students, working with clients, or from the plants and crystals themselves, he is continually amazed by the infinite knowledge and wisdom Nature provides. John offers wonderful sessions that are intended to help empower each client on their healing path. These transformative sessions marry the complementary energies of Plant and Tree essences, Reiki, ThetaHealing, TSR, Crystal Healing, along with Guided Meditation, spiritual counseling, Quantum Touch and Intuitive Bodywork to create an unforgettable healing experience. He offers these sessions worldwide via Zoom or phone and in person at his private office in West Hartford, CT. For more information or to schedule appointments visit his website: Tru-elements. If you’d like to connect directly with John. Phone: 860-922-6846. Email: