Karen Moe


Teacher/Master Distributor

Classes Taught:

Level 1 Certification | Special Topics |


Area California

Karen’s interests in holistic health and well-being sparked her pursuit as a Holistic Health Practitioner. Schooled in a wide variety of bodywork and energy modalities, plant essences have always been a part of her tool and medicine chest.

As a Wisdom of the Earth Teacher, Master Distributor & Medicinal Aromatherapist, she has found a profound and deeper connection to plant medicine. It takes her work as a Teacher & Practitioner to the soul level, working with her students & clients to uncover the core issues that propel Dis-Ease.

In Tune from early childhood, Karen easily plugs in and channels messages from Higher Dimensions, and the Plant and Animal Kingdom to aid in self-discovery and self-nurturing. Her education and degree in psychology support her consultation skills. Her style of work is committed to supporting your personal quest in balancing body, mind and spirit, facilitating a path to a better you. Her healing touch, combined with the attributes of the essences, extend a well-balanced and deep energetic dimension.

The Plants are here to call us back to our original medicine. They have so much to offer, and work on so many levels. They come from the heart of the Mother with so much Love and Healing for humanity. If you listen, they have so much to share.

Walking Capistrano Beach and drinking in the beauty of the ocean, romping in the hills with her dogs, live music & dancing, or coordinating the Backstage Healing Sanctuary at Bhakti & Shakti Fest are some of her favorite pastimes.