Marah Marlette


Master Distributor


Marah is an Advanced Essence Therapist whose experience with Wisdom of the Earth Essential Essences began in the Spring of 2007.

She has studied extensively the connection between the essences and the human body, and from her own experiences in healing, and love for the essences, she became a teacher for WOTE in 2010.  She is now retired as a Teacher  but still actively engaged as a Master Distributor.

Along the way, she has developed a passion for helping others to reconnect to the Earth through aromatherapy, which has also led to developing healing gardens.

Her mission is to help bridge the gap for anyone who desires to have a more meaningful and authentic connection to Nature, as well as to help nurture and navigate through the healing process. Integrating holistic healing, aromatherapy, spiritual psychology, and plant therapy are some of her modalities she brings to her practice and classes.

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