Virtual Level 1 Aromatherapy Certification (6 week course) With Rachel Jackson LMT, CYI & Certified Medicinal Aromatherapist

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Level 1 Certification




November 05-December 10, 2022


Friday: 1-3:30pm (Orientation), Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 9am-6pm


This training will come with the Level 1 Aromatherapy Kit of 45 samples of our foundational essences to maintain experiential education (Rose and Neroli are included in this kit which is worth the entire kit in itself!). The slower pace of this class gives more integration time and is sure to be a rich experience! In between classes, you will be given assignments to deepen your relationship with aromatherapy, nature, and your own true nature.
Rachel’s experience with Wisdom of the Earth essential oils goes back 14 years. She has been a practicing aromatherapist for eight years and has been an aromatherapy educator for the past three years, teaching specialty classes on using aromatherapy in harmony with the seasons and elements. She also weaves in her training as a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Certified Yoga Instructor, and her Meditation, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine background.
This class will be a journey into the ancient and magical world of essential oils and their time-tested abilities for healing the body, mind, and spirit. Plants are the original medicine of the earth, and it has never been more relevant than now to learn how to use plants for both healing and preventative medicine. There are many reasons you might be interested in taking this course:
~You might be interested in building a professional practice as a qualified Medicinal Aromatherapist.
~Aromatherapy compliments and enhances so many other healing modalities (yoga, massage, meditation, counseling, etc.), and you may be interested in learning ways to use it within your current professional practice.
~You might be interested in helping family/friends, and it makes for a valuable skill in any family household.
~Some wish to utilize this course solely for personal wellness, self-discovery, and transformation.


Cost: $875 (Payment due by Oct. 21st to ensure your books and oils arrive on time.) Includes tuition, Aromatherapy Kits, and three textbooks that will all be mailed to you.

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Contact Rachel for more information or to reserve your spot! 401.743.3688


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Rachel Jackson LMT, CYI & Certified Medicinal Aromatherapist View her teacher profile in Arizona