Virtual Build a SoulCollage® Deck with the Support of WOTE Essences Fourth Sundays of the Month:

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January 23-January 23, 2023


2-4 pm


Wisdom of the Earth Essences are outstanding collaborators. They integrate their frequencies to help us raise ours. Brain scans document how creative practices connect individual human brains to the collective just as prayer, contemplation and meditation do. Anointing and creating with Essences is a powerful combination.

Soul Collage® is a simple, intuitive and creative process that helps us get in touch with and express our own soul’s landscape. Using intuition and imagination supported by the Essences, we create our own sets of collaged cards. Each card reflects a different aspect of who we are. This soul-tending practice honors our journeys while promoting personal growth, self-acceptance and communal connection.

During elementally themed quarters we learn about one of the four SoulCollage® suits. Each month we learn about an Essence, anoint ourselves and create cards according to the suit being studied. We take turns processing the cards according to the “I am One Who” practice. Participants independently create as many cards as desired and may submit them to share in class the following month accordingly.


Regular registration is $200 for supplies and $25 per month Discounted Registration offer will be announced to those attending the Virtual Meet and Greet Monday, January 3 at 6:30 pm. Registrations after January 23 will include the cost of supplies and the monthly fees will be prorated. Video recordings of each class are available until the next monthly session.

Course Requirements: 

Supply List Purchases: 13 - 2ml Bottles of Essences in a travel case, 48 5”x8” SoulCollage® cards and 48 Card sleeves Supplies around the House: acid-free glue stick, scissors, images from magazines, junk mail, no longer needed books, greeting cards, etc., journal to record your experiences with the Essences and to record SoulCollage® card responses and a writing instrument.


Email Crystal at or phone/text her at 262-939-8323


Crystal Steinberg

About the Instructor

Crystal Steinberg MAT, MDiv, began working with Wisdom of the Earth Essences in 2013 when I first heard the Plants and Trees calling me to share Their healing voices. They repeatedly reminded me of the connection to Mother Earth that my grandparents fostered in me and supported me through the grief that I experienced at the loss of my mother. As a highly creative life-long learner and an Expressive Arts Educator, the Essences companioned me into research, experiential studies, and art-making. They counseled me into a Wisdom Studies Ph.D. program to integrate the voices of the Essences, Ancient Wisdom, and Creativity. I am so excited to be alive at this time and to continue learning from and sharing the voices of the Plants and Trees. Today outer science confirms inner science through tools that our awareness of Quantum Physics provides. Head and Heart no longer need to be disconnected to survive. Neither does the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine energies within each of us. The rise of the Divine Feminine shows us the way of harmonizing these aspects of ourselves to thrive. We now live in a time when all dualities can be bridged by frequency. This is a sacred work of the Essences and the hearts of all sentient beings. The global pandemic is an opportunity to companion spirits in deep dives individually or in groups. I am currently doing this virtually by facilitating classes that coordinate with seasonal and lunar celebrations and the WOTE Level I Certification course. If you are hearing a call to investigate your purpose for being here at this time, please contact me by phone or email to discuss the many ways that we may work together with the Essences.