Venus Ceremonial Journey with Aromatherapy

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January 02-November 04, 2022




Join Sheridan Semple for a sacred ceremonial journey with Venus through the sky. Follow Venus through the sky as she moves through the seven chakras, through the sacred seasonal wheel of the year – all supported by the plant spirit medicine for each part of the cycle. We’ll incorporate spiritual aromatherapy into our ceremonial journey as we uncover our unique expressions of the Sacred Feminine through our personal Venus signs and what that means for us individually and collectively.

Venus represents the Sacred Feminine archetype for us all and we’ll learn how your Venus sign demonstrates the feminine expression you are here to explore and share. As the feminine comes more and more online again, we all have our parts to play in her return and evolution. Your Venus archetype shows us what your special contribution to this important energy is.

Following the Heroine’s Journey, we’ll learn to step into the divine union of our yin and yang energies within. Tracking Venus through the sky as she meets the crescent moon each month, we’ll explore our unique moon signatures and learn to honor our Soul’s paths more deeply. Join me for this deep dive into our ancestral ways of communing with the Earth and Sky through Sacred Aromatherapy and Shamanic Astrology.



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Sheridan Semple

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