Online Level 1 Private One on One with Master Teacher Kat Shuford

Class Level: 

Level 1 Certification




January 10-December 30, 2022



Are you finding it difficult to travel right now? Is your life full of children, work, or commitments? Don’t worry, a deep Level 1 Certification experience is available to you as well!
Kat has designed a rich and insightful online learning experience that will feed you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The time between sessions allows for practice, personal experimentation with essences, and integration.

Becoming proficient with these pure and powerful essences at this time on Planet Earth provides you with a confidence that is unshakeable. Not only do they provide an immune boost and protection, but they also allow a vibrational certainty that smoothes navigation in turbulent times!


$275.00 for a beautiful 45 oil kit with re-usable handmade cases. $599.00 for a Private online class, all books, and materials. Class schedule and pace are co-created to match your life. Once the class is complete and your 5-page paper is written you are eligible for your lifetime 22% discount. This discount can be an opportunity to gain back your class investment very quickly.

Course Requirements: 

Students are required to purchase a Level One Kit of essences to use during each session. All class materials and books are included in the cost of the class. Class participants can audit other “live” classes across the country once they are certified. Please see the full class description under Level 1 classes. Contact Kat for more information: (970) 366 0963


Contact Kat for more information: 970 366 0963

About the Instructor

This is a fantastic opportunity to work One on One with Master Teacher Kat Augustdottir - Shuford on your Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification. Kat has been using essences, consulting, teaching and guiding clients for more than a decade. Her three children and grandaughter have grown up using essences and they are her sacred personal medicine. Always deeply committed to teaching plant consciousness and interaction, Kat designs her Shamanic Essence Transformation Sessions to the needs of each client via direct communication with the essences themselves. Your practical learning sessions will be experiential and laced with meditations and intuitive practices to deepen your connection to the Plants and Trees. Kat shares a wealth of client stories, personal experiences, and successful protocols to address a huge variety of physical and emotional issues. She loves to assist clients in forming their own Aromatherapy practice or help you to marry your new skills with your current specialty. Kat is also a certified Superconscious Coach and Teacher and helps visionaries create breakthroughs in business and life success. The essences are at the heart of her coaching work. She and her family grow food and livestock who are also treated with the essences. Kat is available to her students long after the class is over to help solidify and integrate the learning. Call or email her to discuss your desires and goals and ask questions. She would love to visit with you!