In-Person Level II Advanced Aromatherapy Sacred Retreat with Audre & Cynthia

Class Level: 

Level 2 Certification


July 09-July 14, 2023


Sunday, 6 - 9pm M,T,W,Th 9am - 6pm, Fri 8-11am


Please note: this class is required to become a Master Distributor or Level 1 Certification Class Teacher with Wisdom of the Earth

Level II Advanced Aromatherapy Sacred Retreat.

We invite you to participate in an extraordinary journey through the Plant Kingdom and your own Heart in our Wisdom of the Earth Level II Sacred Aromatherapy Retreat.

This six-day Retreat will bring you deeper into the sacred work with our beloved plant and tree essences for healing and transformation in new and different ways.

Students will commune with their Inner voice and the Voice of Mother Earth to develop their intuitive, perceptual, and listening skills. Through information, dialogue, and experiential opportunities, you will receive information from the essences and each other, building a personal knowledge base that is deep and meaningful.

As aromatherapists, we often recommend our tried and true oils. This program opens the doorway to other unusual oils that profoundly benefit the body, mind, and spirit. Expand your repertoire and confidence with support from the essences, teachers, and peers. Participate in ceremonies and rituals that will bring you into a richer communion with our holy earth. The oils can activate the magic that lives within you to become a more balanced, centered, and assured YOU.

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$2,200 Level II, Three level II AromaKits optional $455

Course Requirements: 

A Level I Wisdom of the Earth certification.


Wisdom of the Earth - call us at 928-649-9968


Audre and Cynthia

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