Level 1 Certification Seminar In Medicinal Aromatherapy (Online)

Class Level: 

Level 1 Certification




July 27-September 21, 2021


Tuesdays 12pm MST- 4pm MST OR Wednesdays 4pm MST - 8pm MST


Two different class time/day options, 24 hours of online class time over 6 weeks!

Option 1: Class time will be from 12pm MST-4pm MST on Tuesdays. *Option 1 Dates: April 27, May 4, May 11, May 18, May 25, June 1, 2021

Option 2: Class will be held from 4pm MST- 8pm MST on Wednesdays. Option 2 Dates: April 28, May 5, May 12, May 19, May 26, June 2, 2021


$550 early registration (50% deposit rec’d 4 weeks before seminar date), Payment plans available $575 regular registration (includes two texts) $50 Certification administrative fee due when paper is submitted, Essential Essence Tester Kit of 45- 2ml bottles for additional cost: $325 plus shipping

Course Requirements: 

Please have pens/pencils (be prepared to take lots of notes!) and your Essential Essence Tester Kit. To receive certification, you must write a 6 page paper (double spaced) on an essence of your choice. You have 3 months from the date of the class to submit the paper…but we strongly recommend that you not take that long. You can include information on the history of the essence, where and how it is produced, information on conditions, symptoms it addresses, personal experiences (your own, your clients or family) with the essence, pictures, poems, stories, etc. Please include a simple bibliography on your sources as part of the paper. It is YOUR paper and you are sharing YOUR personal experience and learning….


Lindsey for more info, to ask questions, or to sign up: (970)331-3750; lfernandezvail@gmail.com; www.essentialsoultherapy.com k questions, or to sign up: (970)331-3750; lfernand


Lindsey Fernandez

About the Instructor

Lindsey Fernandez, Aromatherapist and Intuitive Healer, for this one-of-a-kind course in the transformational practice of Medicinal Aromatherapy. For those with a serious desire to deeply explore essential essences, this 6 week course is appropriate for personal or professional use. Medicinal Aromatherapy is compatible with and enhances any healing modality. Tap into the healing abilities of the plants and trees and learn how to work with them safely and effectively. Students will experience meditation, practical application and much more throughout this 6 week course. All course manuals are included in the price. This information has never been more relevant than it is today. Students who complete the course will receive a lifetime discount of 22% (after completing a paper to be turned in within 3 months of the class date)