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Shadia is dedicated to providing you with the guidance and tools to take charge of your own healing. She is a professionally trained social worker and trauma therapist who specializes in the topics of mindfulness, social emotional learning, restorative and transformative justice, and holistic care centered in decolonization and social justice.

Shadia’s extensive certifications in various mind-body modalities include medicinal aromatherapy, energy healing, yoga, hands-off bodywork, pilates, somatic-based psychotherapy for healing trauma, and conflict transformation. She’s helped transform the lives of hundreds of clients who now experience more vibrant health and wellbeing.

Shadia offers training and certification courses, corporate wellness packages, and individual healing sessions. Medicinal aromatherapy trainings are offered at the same cost for both individuals and groups on an ongoing and by-appointment basis. She is based in New York City.


Master Distributor


Kristine is thrilled to be a part of the WOTE family. Kristine is a born teacher & healer. Kristine had her first yoga teaching certification in 2002 & has many yoga teaching certifications, since.  She is trained in reiki, thai yoga massage & harmonyum healing.

Kristine teaches a weekly restorative yoga / aromatherapy class at NAAM Yoga in New York City. Kristine is a Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist.  Every week she brings a new and exciting WOTE plant essences.  She leads New Yorkers into a deeply relaxing journey traveling deep into the morphogenic field into the world of the plants and trees. Kristine is also an accomplished film producer and always brings the WOTE essences to the set!!

Kristine is extremely passionate about working with WOTE essences.  She feels a deep sense of honor to be able to bring the gift of connection of ‘the wisdom’ of our planet to New Yorkers. Please visit her website for more info & to get in touch