Level Two classes

Level 2

This six-day Advanced Aromatherapy Retreat will bring you more deeply into working with the plant and tree essences for healing and transformation. This is about your deep immersion with our beloved essences in new and different ways. Students will commune with their Inner voice as well as the Voice of Mother Earth and discover their connection to her Ascension Frequency. 

This six-day retreat includes:

  • Uses for Rare, Uncommon, and Exotic Essences
  • Sacred Ceremonies 
  • Consultation Skills
  • Communing with the Plants and Trees
  • Experiencing the Soul of Nature
  • Movement, Anointing, and Meditations

    There is time for reflection to enhance the deep immersion of our beloved essences in new and different ways. You will leave the Retreat feeling fulfilled, uplifted, energized, and transformed.