Level II Testimonials

“The Level II training was so much more than I dreamed it would be!  I left with a renewed appreciation for the earth, the plants and trees and all the beauty around us as well as within us! The 5 days spent with Barry, Cynthia and Audre were transformational and inspiring.  I am excited to be a part of this family and cannot wait to go back to WOTE!”   – With love and blessings ~ LK


“I will say that level 2 was the most eye opening, life changing, and heart opening experience I have ever had.  I have not looked at life, nature or myself in the same way since being at level 2.  I have felt free to love myself and have noticed the beauty all around me in ways that are immeasurable.  Thank you so much for sharing from your heart and offering and giving of yourselves.  You are all priceless.”  – Sincerely ~ MG


*レベル2のクラスは、植物と自分との境界線を取り除くためのイニシエーションのようなものであり、以前よりも、精油の波動を感じることができるようになった。バリー、シンシア、オードリーたちによるクラスは、終始一貫して、オープンハートで、愛に溢れている。精油のことを学びながら、心身も癒された充実した5日間であった。参加してよかったと心から思った。 アイル

“The level II class was the initiation for removing the boundaries between plants and I. And I felt the vibration of the essential oils more than before.  Barry, Cynthia, and Audre gave us the class with their open hearts and full of love. They showed to us how open our heart to plants and trees.  I learned about essential oils. Same time, my mind and body also were healed in these 5 days retreat.  I was glad to get this class.” ~ IG


“If you are looking to expand your knowledge, skills and abilities in the area of Aromatherapy, then the Level 2 Training is for you! The Level Two training is life changing.  I arrived at the training with a basic knowledge about the use of essential essences and left with a deeper understanding of the impact that daily use can have on our lives. I now feel more grounded, knowledgeable and confident about sharing my knowledge with others.   I look forward to sharing this in my work as a Social Worker and Bereavement Counselor.” ~ JP


The time spent becoming a Medicinal Aromatherapist with WOTE was really very deeply worthwhile. I learned so much about myself (that now looking back I already knew in my heart of hearts). I know that am a healer, a lover of souls; a hippie if you will. I am happy with my deep self. I thank WOTE for opening my heart mind, and for helping me to want to live from and in my heart henceforth and forever! Thanks also go to the plant world for their expressed desire to help mankind heal in heart, and mind, and spirit! Give thanks to the Creator for all we are, and all we can be, and all we will be!” – Great fully yours ~MW


Immerse into the Magic of a Kingdom where the sweet Pink berries of the Juniper beckon, the vibrant jewels of the Pomegranate nourish and adorn, and the Magnificent color filled wings of the Butterfly support you into a journey of transformation. Be still as you learn to listen to the unique voices of the shrubs as they whisper their medicine, in vibrant hues of purple and white and gold. Lay down in the Sweet Grass and let her remind you of her vastness, knitting the ground we are blessed to walk upon with resilience and wonder.  Allow the orchestra of the Dragonflies to lift the veil as you sit upon the banks of the river that flows through you with the melodies of the Shaman’s flutes, transporting you to the other dimensions where there are no illusions, only Truth.

Stand tall in the Strength of the Trees, The Tree of Life, Reaching for the Sun, Rooting in the Mother, Growing, Blooming, Sparkling, Becoming! Taste the amber nectar of her elixir that she shares so willingly, in the hopes that her medicine will permeate your every cell, healing you with gratitude and love. Let the delicate scent of the flowers drift to you, calling you to share their gifts with the soft and gentle energies they offer. Soar on the pink and blue clouds of Angel wings as they wrap you in your divinity, promising you all that you seek.

Resonate deep within, as the Heartbeat of Mother Earth and Father Sky come together as One anchoring you in their rhythm. Meet your Guides, their eyes peeking through the darkness, watching your purpose unfold; the Cypress Sentinels protecting as you descend deep into the heart, and unlock the treasures that await. Your Family is here, surrounding you in their Love and Magnificence, calling you home. Look up! Let the sparkle of the universe shower you in stardust, kissing your forehead, reigniting your Soul.

All that You Are, All that You Will Be, All that You Question – Crystal Clear. All Love. All Truth. All Divine. All Knowing. All That There Is. That is the journey you are about to embark on with Wisdom of The Earth Level II. ~In Eternal Gratitude ~Karen


Many words come to mind when I think of the Level 2 training: Love, Trust, A-reeeee-ha (is that a word?!), AHAVA, Acceptance, Gratitude, Integrity, Laughter, Generosity, Divinity, Yummy, Sovereignty, WAH, Reverence, Magnificence, Mastery.  ~Karren


I have just returned from our WOTE Level II retreat in Arizona and am so sweetly and completely transmuted in such profound ways! Waves of the experiences we shared there keep moving through my heart and my being every day. I have always loved being in communion with plants and especially trees in my own way since I was little. So to be in communion with them through the Wisdom of the Earth pure essences and in deep community with Barry, Cynthia and Audre, Lemia and Josh and Leonardo and all the other Level II people, brought me to such happiness, the deepest, most sacred of happiness.

The most tangible and yet subtle feeling of the wide and deep field of universal consciousness as carried by the plants and trees infused every moment: communing with the essences, meditating on my own, walking to the river, receiving the wisdom, rising into deep space in the the buffalo wrap ceremony, dancing joyously with everyone with Cynthia, sitting with the trees and plants in Barry and Cynthia’s garden, being with my daughter in this beautiful process, and more and more!

The whole retreat was beautifully designed to carry us from one essential experience to another in such a harmonious way! I am very grateful for all the work that went into designing all the aspects of the retreat and the way you unfolded it all for us so graciously. Thank you from my soul, heart and spirit, and from my very earthy body!

I wanted to mention one wonderful experience out of many. When we were giving and receiving practicum sessions with essences, the beautiful woman attending to me put rose essential oil on my heart, and actually drew heart shapes over my heart with the rose oil… wow!… we were outside under the back porch so the air was warm from the sun but a clear autumn breeze in the shade made it just perfect.

All of a sudden my body just started taking in these huge deep breaths up into my chest (just like Shakti Naam “more” breath) into places I have never breathed into so clearly and broadly before! It was like a deep sigh but the other way around, (deeply breathing in rather than sighing out) and with an easy out-breath… Another one came and another one and they felt so good! I could feel that I could breathe all the way to a breadth that was so natural! It was truly as if my heart was being breathed into by the rose essence of God’s powerful and delicate breath.

So much gratitude for this time and place and the plant and tree consciousness through their essences! So much gratitude to Wisdom of the Earth on every level from the ground up to the galaxies!

Love and Light to you all!  ~Megan


A myriad of magical emotions entrap me. Level II Wisdom of the Earth guides you to the next level of consciousness in a loving, supported, open space. I’ve meditated deeply prior to this experience, however the doors of opportunity are open much wider now. I’ve conversed with pain which had a hold on my physical body, visited with past lives which had a hold on this lifetime, but little did I know this was just brushing the surface. To have my authentic self-served to me by the Angels was an absolute miracle. I am filled with love, abundance and joy. I am so grateful to have been a part of such an expansive experience. There is so much more to share, however there aren’t enough words to depict this magical experience. It simply has to be experienced.  ~Shelly