New York / North Carolina

New York 

kristine-P_150Teacher/MD ~ Kristine Pregot ~ Kristine is thrilled to be a part of the WOTE family.  Kristine is a born teacher & healer.  Kristine had her first yoga teaching certification in 2002 & has many yoga teaching certifications, since.  She is trained in reiki, thai yoga massage & harmonyum healing. Kristine teaches a weekly restorative yoga / aromatherapy class at NAAM Yoga in New York City. Kristine is a Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist.  Every week she brings a new and exciting WOTE plant essences.  She leads New Yorkers into a deeply relaxing journey traveling deep into the morphogenic field into the world of the plants and trees. Kristine is also an accomplished film producer and always brings the WOTE essences to the set!!

Kristine is extremely passionate about working with WOTE essences.  She feels a deep sense of honor to be able to bring the gift of connection of ‘the wisdom’ of our planet to New Yorkers. Please visit her website for more info & to get in touch –

North Carolina

MD ~ Heather  Jacoby ~ Heather is a certified Medicinal Aromatherapist with Wisdom of the Earth. She has an innate ability to hear the desires of the essences. Allowing her to assist Mother Earth. She works  as a bridge between the physical and non-physical realities. She has a passion in supporting the ascension of the collective consciousness through the rediscovery and remembrance of her divine truth. She has broken the chains of her personal and cultural restrictions and stepped into the vastness of her truth. She is honored in deep reverence to the essences and grateful to be part of such a LOVE based community. She knows that these essences are sacred and trusts in them. She assists individuals on all levels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

Heather works intuitively and through her own personal experiences in getting to her divine truth believes that we’re all beautiful BEings of love at a core level and guides individuals to remember their knowing and truth. She practices the remembrance of non-duality.  Heather caters to the specific needs and patterns of her clients. She is adaptive to circumstances and works intuitively to assist. Her work is expansive and includes many disciplines including Energy Healing, Reiki, spiritual direction, reiki, Shamanic practices and principles. Contact Heather by email at or by phone at (704) 620-2940.