Kat-01c_150Teacher/MD ~ Kat Diamond Bjornson ~ is a Master Medicinal Aromatherapist and Level One Teacher for Wisdom of the Earth. She has devoted herself to using the Essential Oils for all of her health needs and takes great joy in beingthe inspiration for change in others. This singular approach has contributed to the great success of her healing and consulting practice. For 12 years she has worked with families and individuals to define their health needs and to teach them the myriad of ways in which essential essences can be used to restore balance to the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies.  As a shamanic healer Kat facilitates a dialogue between the client and their own body, so that a deep journey of awareness and re-patterning can occur. Her unique approach to release work using sound and essential essences has helped hundreds of individuals re-align with their chosen purpose and passion so that they experience increased life force and creativity in their lives. This year Kat has joined her practice with her beloved partner and musician Danny Shuford.  Together they provide a sound-essence transformation process that can be used in private or group sessions to help facilitate deep release and reconnect individuals to their desired way of being in the world. This sound and movement work coupled with the essential essences is their passion and they share it in their Level 1 Certification classes which they teach in Colorado, Texas and New Hampshire. They also provide a myriad of supportive classes and tele classes for the beginner and advanced plant medicine practitioner. Their mission is to reconnect as many people as possible to the profound medicine of deep self love via the plants and trees.  Please see the precursors page for their nationwide offerings, and the tele classes section for an up to date listing of their tele-classes available to everyone.  Read about and listen to their work at; email Kat at  or call 970)366-0963. Home base, Austin, Texas.

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~ Lindsey Fernandez ~ of Essential Soul Therapy began her journey into the healing arts at the age of 19 as massage therapist. For the past 16 years she has continued to expand her knowledge of healing and commitment to assisting others through Reiki, Medicinal Aromatherapy and other forms of energy work.  “The essences have taught me so much about myself and brought profound transformation into my life. As a mother they have allowed me to take my health into my own hands and care for my family in a way that is in alignment with my beliefs and in sync with Mother Earth.”  She is a Wisdom of the Earth Master Medicinal Aromatherapist and Level One Certification Instructor.  She also provides massage/energy sessions and aromatherapy consultations.  Lindsey is passionate about spreading the healing message of the plants and trees and helping her clients reconnect to their own intuitive guidance for transformation and healing. Contact information:  (970)331-3750   website:

Contact Information ~ Lindsey Fernandez (970)331-3750, … Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified Aromatherapist

MD ~ Deva Shantay is a Psychic Intuitive Channel, Yoga Therapist and Advanced Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist. She leads yoga teacher trainings, conducts psychic/intuitive sessions/trainings and owns True Nature Healing Arts, Carbondale, CO.  Deva’s deep connection to the metaphysical realm began in early childhood, but was deepened after her near death experience snowshoeing in the mountains near Vail, CO at the age of 25.  Since this experience Deva has explored many different modalities to support herself and others reconnecting to Spirit.

WOTE has supported Deva in opening up to the plant and tree medicine which has become a vital asset to her personal growth and to the service work she does with others. Deva supports her clients in engaging with essences to empower them on their personal healing journey.

Contact information: (970)361-0738; ;


facebookphotoTeacher/MD ~ John Odlum, LMT, CMA, QTP is a Nationally Certified and Connecticut Licensed Massage Therapist, as well as an Advanced Certified Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist,  Reiki Master, TSR practitioner, and an Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner. He is the founder of Tru Elements and resides in West Hartford, CT. John’s deep love for humanity and Nature has led him to provide a safe space for others to transform and heal themselves through a deeper connection to Earth. John works with clients of all ages; hosting a variety of events such as Guided Essence Meditations; and several other events that are catered to inspire and educate about the Earth and all her inhabitants. John also teaches many workshops and certification courses in Medicinal Aromatherapy to provide an avenue for deeper self exploration via plant spirit medicine. John continues to learn on a daily basis from the plants, trees and crystals. Whether it is from teaching students, working with clients, or from the plants and crystals themselves, he is continually amazed by the infinite knowledge and wisdom Nature provides. John offers wonderful sessions that are intended to help empower each client on their healing path.  These transformative sessions marry the complementary energies of Plant and Tree essences,  Reiki, ThetaHealing, TSR,  Crystal Healing, along with Guided Meditation, spiritual counseling, Quantum Touch and Intuitive Bodywork to create an unforgettable healing experience. He offers these sessions in the beautiful detox center The Colonics Institute of West Hartford.  For more information or to schedule appointments contact him at Tru Elements : 860-922-6846; you can email him at Visit website:  Tru-elements

lisl_150Teacher/MD ~ Lisl Meredith Huebner ~ After years of personal study with several of the most respected experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and intensive courses in Beijing, China, Lisl earned the rare distinction of being certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) as a diplomat in Chinese Herbology – the highest accreditation an herbalist can receive in the US.  Lisl is intensely qualified to understand the nature of plant medicine in all its forms, and Her vast personal interactions with thousands of patients has made her an expert in diagnosing patterns of imbalance according to a Traditional Chinese medical paradigm.  Lisl completed advanced medicinal aromatherapy training in Sedona, AZ with Wisdom of the Earth’s Barry Kapp, and has been a teacher of the WOTE medicinal aromatherapy certification course for several years. This life-changing class is well-known for fostering deep love, respect and connection to the Plants, Trees and Earth.; herbalisl.blogspot; 860-673-6863 Office 860-480-0115 Cell