MD/Sono Sugimoto ~ I am a certified WOTE Level 2 medicinal aromatherapist.  When I first discovered WOTE, I was watching a video on the internet. Someone that I was following was saying how beautiful and fabulous WOTE essences were. Having never heard of WOTE, right away I checked the WOTE website. Everything that WOTE discussed and offered is aligned with what I care about and feel is important.  The Aroma Kit was my first order. When I picked up the essences the first time and I opened each bottle, my life changed forever. I was so astonished as I heard the whispers of the plants! I didn’t know how to use the essences, I just intuitively followed their guidance. I had a sense of “this is it” and the guidance sat in me so deeply. Without hesitation I knew I had to study with the amazing teachers at WOTE. I took Level 1 within a year of the event and the following year, I participated in Level 2.

Healing myself and loving myself have been my journey. Since WOTE and the Plant Essences have come into my life, I have expanded all areas of my life. Because I experienced a lot of trauma growing up, I didn’t realize that loving people existed and through WOTE I am surrounded by loving people! I have immense gratitude to plants, trees, Gaia and WOTE. Beside sharing the beauty of scents to those who come into my life, I see the power of the plants and trees and am fascinated by the way they support my clients change and shift their subconscious minds. I look forward to working with my clients and help them in this way.  One more thing that I love sharing is cooking / playing in the kitchen. Nature has called me to take this role and I am very blessed to be able to do to nourish others.

Sono can be reached at 778-316-3960 or email her at

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