"The Inner Pilgrimage"

"Magical Solstice Blessings to You!"

"Have you ever thought, whilst looking all this time for the magic in the world, it's been inside you all along? No matter how far you travel, how wide you spread your wings and learn to fly, if you have no idea what treasures hide within you, you'll be searching your entire life." - Nikki Rowe

An Inner Pilgrimage

This year has been filled with change and transition for so many. It has been a trying and difficult time as well as a period of growth and great change. We are so grateful to have the essences to support us as we navigate our way through these tumultuous times.

As a human society, we are walking a path of self-discovery that is unlike anything we have experienced before. As the Earth continues her shift, she co-creates unparalleled shifts within us, allowing us to see ourselves as who we really are, with all of our gifts as well as our foibles. It is in this viewing that we heal and grow. We give respect, honor, and love to the Divine Feminine that is rising within and around us. This movement is bringing us closer to our truth so that we can blossom into more conscious human beings.

This auspicious moment provides a portal through which we can choose to face our own moral code which can be one of truth, integrity, and honesty with those with whom we interact. It is truly time for us to honor and love ourselves.

As we enter this period of introspection and darkness, create a personal pilgrimage to. Send your roots down deep into the earth and hear the divine invitation. Find yourself in the womb of the great mother; remember to search for your unique and precious truth north. The piece of you connected to all of life and consciousness is needed for recalibration and rejuvenation. The New Year is a perfect time to lay the groundwork for your evolution. Here we are at the doorway of possibility and potential. How would you like to reinvent yourself this year? A greater expression of yourself awaits to re-emerge in the Spring.

Our team here at WOTE (Cynthia, Barry, Audre, Leonardo, Meagan, Maija, and Ami) wishes you love and happiness, during these High Holy Days. May you and your families, wherever they be, find joy in each other’s presence, and peace in your hearts.

In Deep Gratitude for the Dark Mysteries,
Cynthia and the WOTE team

Planting the Seed

Ambrette Seed

This powerful seed allows you to disappear when you need to. A perfect essence who will give you a permission slip to go deep inside yourself and not worry about what it is you're not doing. She helps you to let go of physical attachments and gives you a moments pause to journey to the unlimited self.

Sensual and sexy, Ambrette Seed helps you see the beauty within on this plane and all planes of existence. She can take you to new worlds within yourself. A wonderful ally and friend to bring with you during the dark days of winter. And, her smell is intoxicating!

A Tele-Course with Cynthia

Rebellious Self Care & Radical Self Love

A Two-Hour Tele-Course
Sunday January 13, 2019 ~ 10am - 12pm MST

Start the New Year off right by making a commitment to radically care for yourself from a place of fullness!

Join Cynthia live on Zoom to learn how to embody the wisdom of the seed essences. These devas hold the potential for your fearless re-birth in the New Year. * Recording will be available for those who cannot make this time. For information and registration go to: InnerLandscapeWork.com

Voices of Light, Voices of Love Highlight

Arise my love, and come away with me. Let me draw you back to the deep, underground River, to the Source of Life. Let the River of Life flow unobstructed and freely within you once again, for you are black from the sun, and dry and parched. Drink deeply of the living water; to be filled to overflowing, for you are one of the Fountains. You are a channel of Living Water, bringing forth Life to a weary land and a weary people. I will give you courage to be true to yourself, and to speak Truth, and I shall flow from the Source through you, as a strong fountain bringing restoration to the gardens of the soul. Arise my love, and come away with me.
Voices of Light