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Almost Summer 2017 -- Releasing Delightful Heaven Scents to Our WOTE Family

The Plants once told me that they react to what we put into the environment. With all of the biochemical warfare in our air, water, and food, the pollutants get into our systems and into the systems of the plants and trees. Their only defense is the release of the toxins into the air which we breathe in, creating allergens that were not in our biosphere at an earlier time. On a metaphysical level, there is a release when we sneeze that allows us to let go of irritations that dwell under the surface that come from toxic thoughts, feelings, and environmental debris. So take a look at what triggers your allergies. Have you had substances like wine, beer, pot, or fights with your children, irritations with your spouse or work? These things can trigger your symptoms. Pay Attention! When you become aware of these triggers, it will support you in healing them at a more rapid pace. We say when someone speaks something and another person in the room sneezes, that Truth has been spoken. Your body is giving you a message that something might be out of balance in your liver, gall bladder, and/or in your emotions. Be aware of the Truths that are revealed during high allergic reactions and how you are responding to those Truths. I remember driving in the car with my children and when they would start sassing me, my allergies would act up and cause me to have a sneeze attack. There were underlined emotional Truth's in my feelings that hit my heart and caused an inner irritation. I have been working on heaIing my allergies for many years and I have very little irritation these days. I would like to suggest some essences that can help during this time. Drinking a teaspoon of Black Cumin daily is very important in order to build the immune system. The Helichrysums, Inula graveolens, Magnolia Blossom and Leaf, and Eucalyptus are all wonderful allies. Snorting Helichrysum Hydrolat will clear sinuses quickly, and spraying it in your eyes will help to stop the itch. Also, putting a few drops of Peppermint in your mouth and breathing through the nose will help to clear allergic reactions. Three tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar a day will help stop allergy symptoms along with the essences. Taking a little bit of local Bee Pollen daily will also keep the immune system strong. Starting these practices now will put you ahead of the game come allergy season. So stay strong this summer and be well. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Spring Classes are up and running. Check out our website for all of the latest information on our class schedules. Level 1 is a life-changing experience and supports our ascension and the ascension of Gaia.

We are now taking registration for Level 2, Oct 9-14, 2017. If you have been wanting to take this class, now is a beautiful opportunity since the Fall is so beautiful in Sedona.

For those of you who are interested to know more about the ongoing workings of our Galactic Family and the information that is available, we would suggest that you see the documentary "Unacknowledged: An expose` of the World's Greatest Secret" by Dr. Steven Greer. It will help you understand the secrets that have been kept from us for so long. You can buy the movie on Amazon and also see it on YouTube.

With so much love,
Cynthia and the WOTE team

Essence of the Month

Inula Graveolens-- This diva enables one to take a deep full breath when life gets a bit too congested. She will stop your sneezing if you can put a drop in each of your nostrils and around the outside of your nose. Inula balances the heart both physically and spiritually. Great for a Heart-gasm! Inula is rare and precious and comes from the sunflower family. She is the highest anti-histamine distilled at this time. Use her with a few drops of helichrysum gymnocephallum for quick allergy relief.