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FALL 2017 -- Intense Energies are Showering Us with Love
Sending Cosmic Love to the WOTE Field!

"Bad hair day? Did your hair stand up on its own with a situation at hand? The more you ruminate on that situation, the more it creates stressful knots. Take a breath, tackle those knots and brush it out." ~ The Energy Nurse

Family holiday's are upon us. Does your Thanksgiving Holiday create knots in your hair, your soul, or your emotions? Those reactive knots that hit you in the pit of your stomach can be a downer during a season of gratitude. We cope the best we can, and we always arrive with the highest intentions. Sometimes circumstances create an environment for confrontation, arguments, or emotional outbursts; while others are having amazing, heart-centered family times...or maybe a little of both. Either way, we can only be responsible for our reactions or non-reactions. What do you do when you are required to eat things you never eat and get sick to your stomach? How do you release those knots? Do you work it out over time, cut it out completely, or add some "conditioner" to soften them out for you?

We want to share with you some tips for making your holiday a smooth and silky ride. First of all, BREATHE! Secondly, remember the "Four Agreements" and never take anything personally. Thirdly, bathe in essences...responsibly! Here are some yummy holiday essence suggestions...
For tummy aches: Tarragon, Cardamon Seed, Basil, Ginger, and Peppermint
For the sugar high (LOW!) and headaches that follow: Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender, Fennel, and Geranium
For the emotional knots: Rose, Rosewood, Rosemary, Rosehip Seed, Rosalina, and Hyssop
And if your family is a collaborative one, you might want to use: Ocean Pine, Rhododendron, Violet, Orange Blood Red, and Grapefruit

Our 2018 Level 1 Classes are beginning to be posted on the website. The class rates have gone up to $575 for our 3-day NEW Level 1 Curriculum. With the shifts happening in the world right now, this program with help teach you how to ground and stay in your heart center so you can navigate through all of the new energies on the planet. We look forward to sharing and expanding with you as we continue to grow in new ways in 2018. If you have taken the class before, you might consider auditing.

We are now taking registration for Level II, April 16-21, 2017. If you have been wanting to take this class, now is a fabulous opportunity, since the Spring is so beautiful in Sedona. Level II deepens your relationship to the natural world and to yourself. The classes are designed to amplify your vibration so that you can consult and help support others on how to use aromatherapy for their medicine on all levels of being. We hope to see you here soon!

There is a profound wisdom that lives inside of us and this training will help tap into the insight and perceptions that will carry you to a new understanding of the gifts and beauty you posses.
What is Inner Landscape Work? It is a deep Movement/Meditation Method to unlock past lives, unblock and release pain in the heart, and re-pattern the body to give you the capacity to love deeply. This practice, through movement, meditation, sound, WOTE essences, dreaming, and journaling, will shift your reality to enable you to move through your life with joy, deep knowing, and heart intuition. Classes are held here at WOTE and are led by Cynthia. The next class is February 22-25, 2018. Visit

All of us here at Wisdom Of The Earth wish you a joyful and sacred Thanksgiving Holiday! Untie your knots with grace and ease and know that we appreciate you very much.
Thank you for being in our lives!
Cynthia and the WOTE team


ORANGE, BLOOD RED from BELIZE. This beautiful Deva is new for us. She has a sweet, yet spicy scent and she sends you into an uplifting spiral, refreshing the spirit into a zestier state of consciousness. Her citrus notes play a musical in the heart that helps to unravel any spiritual, emotional, or mental knots that have accumulated. She can help to balance our blood sugar and keep us sweet during challenging times. We hope you will give her a try the next time you place an order.

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Rhododendren-- This precious plant is used in the Temples of Nepal "for the common people to gather and to find their tribe" says our Nepalese farmer. It is burned as an incense and the flowers are put on the altar to bring forth unity. Rhododendren helps to find ones spiritual family. She relieves emotional and mental pain. If you use her on your crown chakra, she will help with focus and mental clarity. Her beautiful red flowers will help you open to the passions of your heart. A good ally in these times of flux.

Ho Wood-- If you are feeling like you need extra boundaries these day, Ho Wood is your essence. She helps break unhealthy emotional patters and helps with the courage to leap into the unknown. If you are feeling confusion and overwhelm, Ho Wood will help you find the way to your heart so that you can feel the balance and neutrality necessary to ground.