Equinox 2018 -- Springing into Balancce!!!

"To raise the vibration of ourselves and the planet, it takes grounding and anchoring higher vibrational energy — merging the higher with the lower. Our epiphanies, insights, inspirations, and times of bliss, paired with our deep appreciation for Nature and each other, can be anchored in our life experience every day through gratitude and taking the time to adjust our lifestyles accordingly, so that it can accommodate all the good that is streaming in. Without that we can get un-grounded and sabotaged, with Archonic influences waiting in the wings, to exacerbate the situation ~ creating drama, power struggles and further imbalance." ~Laura Eisenhower

Finding the balance during the beginning of spring is what the Equinox teaches us. Can we find order within the chaos, beauty within disharmony, peace radiating within the turbulence? There is so much beauty available to us if we just give thanks. Let's keep our attention on what it is we wish to create and find the balance that is beyond good and evil, male and female, and yin and yang. We are capable of so much more! Let's not lose ourselves to the news and the horrors it portrays. It is always good to know what is going on in the world so that we might pray for the balance, but it is our responsibility as sovereign beings to remember not to get ourselves too involved in the commotion & the emotions.

As beings of tremendous light we have the capacity, as a collective, to change the world. We believe it is our job to help Mother Earth maintain her balance with our balance and her love with our love. Take a moment and pause, breathe and invite your Higher Self into your body. Ask her to come as close to you as she can. Let her anchor your higher light through your being and into the Earth. You will be doing her and yourself and great service.

As we enter this new season of spring, we wish you balance, joy, community, love and above all, lots of delicious essences to guide your way. Remember that you are Earth's Beloved!

Equinox Blessings from all of us at WOTE, Cynthia, Barry, Audre, Leonardo, Maija, Lemia, Joshua & Meagan. We Love You!

Essences to Balance Your Heart & Soul

Ascension sickness is very real and is affecting so many on the planet as the Sun shifts and goes through changes in frequency. We are receiving a tremendous amounts of solar winds which affects us in a variety of ways. Some are feeling heart palpitations, anxiety, and headaches, among other symptoms.

Goldenrod & Cardamon Seed Green help to soothe and bring peace to the heart. Soothes heart palpitations within a few minutes.

Elemi balances the Heavens and Earth within us. She reminds us that we are cosmic and that we came to be the bridge between the higher and lower worlds, helping to bring peace and grace to each day with an open heart.

Sage, True is the balancer of our masculine and feminine energies. She supports us while protecting, nurturing, and revitalizing the entire being. She is also amazing for memory and remembering that we are in balance as we are, the Sun and the Moon, and all of the cosmos. Use her daily on your head with Rosemary.

Paramela is the freedom teacher, helping us balance our responsibilities with our pleasures. She brings the Sun into every cell of the being in order to illuminate inner Truths that lead to our ultimate liberation from attachments.

Ambrette Seed helps us to move between the worlds and inter-dimensionally travel so we can move to the depths of the heart space where we create harmony and unconditional Love. She grounds us into the seed energy of creation, bringing an internal spark of Light that allows for the manifestation of our ultimate destiny.

WOTE Level II Advanced Sacred Retreat

WOTE Level II Advanced Sacred Retreat Our Level II retreat is a unique cosmic expression of love balancing the earth, her essence, the stars and our hearts. Come and find a deeper connection to your heart and to our sweet Mother Earth. We are now taking registration for our upcoming Level II Sacred Aromatherapy Retreat, April 16-21, 2018. There are a few spots left, so if you are interested in joining us, let Cynthia know. Next level II October 8-13, 2018.

WOTE Level I Classes

Wisdom of the Earth is blessed to have the most wonderful teachers, hand picked and wild harvested in the art of feeling, inner-knowing, and heart-centered nature connections. We are so proud of the level of expertise that each one holds in other areas as well as communicating with the plants and trees. Check out our 3-day courses and 5-day retreats available on the website.