February 2018 -- Waking Up Our Inner Waters

"Water has a memory and carries within it all of our thoughts and prayers. As you yourself are water, no matter where you are, your prayers will be carried to the rest of the world." ~Masaru Emoto

Barry and I were recently at the rain forest in Costa Rica. The waters at Mt Arenal, were coming from deep within the womb of the Mother with volcanic rock so rich in nutrients that soaking brought memories of an ancient past into our bodies. The water was so pure and vibrationally rich which reminded us of receiving aromatherapy massage with pure plant essences. All of the cells of our bodies were vibrating to the frequency of Divine Love. The water was so alive that sleeping was difficult. The fairies, elves, and magical beings were fluttering about all around us, and were very much present...along with the animals, plants, birds, and other living beings. The messages we continued to receive from the Mother were about caring for the inner waters of our bodies, thoughts, and emotions. She was calling for us to feed ourselves with space, purity of heart and joy in order to nurture our water bodies.

In this month of February, the second month of the year, beginning with a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, the focus is to love the waters within to the depths of these shifting tides. Take some opportunities to pause, to listen, to heal, and to allow these new frequencies to enter the new living spaces within the heart. Drink water, hydrate, and program your water to the frequency of Love. Direct the forces of water with the assistance of the essences. For healing, put 10 drops of Cumin, Black in hot water and drink this in the morning before you eat. Throughout the day, you can make a tea with Frankincense and Orange, Blood Red (Belize) to uplift, clear, and reboot your vibratory frequency. Also, clear and cleanse your third eye with a nice Eucalyptus, French Inhalation. Breathe her in deeply and move into more expansive ways of thinking and perceiving your reality. Take a forest bath with Spruce, Engleman, Fir, Grand, Pine, Pinion, Tamarak and Cypress, Blue and ground into the depth of your soul while soaring to the stars. Make a commitment to yourself to surrender, love and get to know the You within the You. There is no greater gift!

Wispering Into Sacredness... How do you take care of the water within you? Do you keep the water pure or do you fill yourself with toxic elements. When we soaked in the natural waters of Costa Rica, the Mother said to me, "Take care of the precious water within you. It is what keeps you alive and healthy. Your thoughts are your prayers and they flow throughout your body. Your body listens to your water." I pass this sacred teaching on to you. Feed your water with love. Whisper love and blessings to water before you drink it. Whisper love and blessings in the water you serve for your loved ones. Create a vibration of compassion and kindness in the water you shower in, the water you drink, the water you share, and the water you are. We are constantly in a fluid state of existence, flowing within the vibration we choose to resonate in. Choose to program your cells and atoms to the divine frequency of light and whisper love into the waters that feed your life.

Let's be conscious of water as we move through this month of February and through this entire year and beyond. It is through the mastery of our waters that we can create miracles everyday. Water is Life!

WOTE Level II Advanced Sacred Retreat "Stand tall in the Strength of the Trees, The Tree of Life, Reaching for the Sun, Rooting in the Mother, Growing, Blooming, Sparkling, Becoming! Taste the amber nectar of her elixir that she shares so willingly, in the hopes that her medicine will permeate your every cell, healing you with gratitude and love. Let the delicate scent of the flowers drift to you, calling you to share their gifts with the soft and gentle energies they offer. Soar on the pink and blue clouds of Angel wings as they wrap you in your divinity, promising you all that you seek." ~KM

We are now taking registration for our upcoming Level II Sacred Aromatherapy Retreat, April 16-21, 2018. There are a few spots left, so if you are interested in joining us, let Cynthia know asap, as we are filling quickly.

The Blossoming Heart What a wonderful book for heart healing! This amazing read supports us in the journey of quiet reflection through the power of scent. Emotional healing, expansion, and purity of the heart are outlined with specific essences to match. For those looking to guide others in the way of emotional balance and healing, The Blossoming Heart is a wonderful book with many essence recipes and suggestions that support emotional renewal and connect us back to our original state of purity - Unconditional Love. The Blossoming Heart

Blessings from all of us at WOTE, Barry, Audre, Cynthia, Leonardo, Maija, Lemia, Joshua & Meagan

Amyris grows in the Caribbean/West Indies which is surrounded by water. She is a sister to Sandalwood. Due to it's high oil content the wood can be ignited and the native folk would burn it. It is also known as Torch-wood or Candle-wood. Amyris lifts depression. She can uplift your mind and your spirits. She is great for sleep disorders, insomnia and stress. Amyris calms frustrations, emotions and sexual tension. The water element is very present in this beautiful deva and she helps you bond with your feminine nature. She is soft, silky and very gentle. She will care for the inner waters of your soul. Great for meditation!