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Summer 2017 -- New Muna Blessings to Our WOTE Family

Our beautiful Muna from Peru in the Mint Family represents opening into Love. Muna is from a Quechauan word, "Munay", which means Love. She is Love in a bottle! She is softer than any other Mint, and allows the heart to expand and open to magic. Today is a Super New Moon in Cancer and we are cooking up a stew of change and new beginnings. Muna supports a cooling during the spicy boil, and reminds us to breathe deeply and open to the expansive opportunities. Wisdom of the Earth supports small farmers and Muna comes from our sacred Peruvian family that blesses us with many essences.

Muna, rare and precious, clears the pathway of blocked energy to the heart. As you inhale her fragrance, you will notice the Pineal Gland start to spin and deepen the connection to the heart. It activates the heart-brain enabling you to feel and love more deeply. As we move through this summer season, allow Muna to be your guiding light of love. She will help strengthen the Torus Field that expands the vibration of the heart to great heights.

Summer Classes are up and running. Check out the our class schedules. Level 1 is a life-changing experience and supports our ascension and the ascension of Gaia.

We are now taking registration for Level II, Oct 9-14, 2017. If you have been wanting to take this class, now is a beautiful opportunity since the Fall is so beautiful in Sedona.

Cynthia Olivera de Kapp is launching a new program late Fall called Inner Landscape Work. It is a movement-dance-essence immersion for inner transformation and spiritual mastery. More information will be coming out soon. Stay Tuned!
Inner Landscape Work
November 30 - December 3, 2017
Wisdom of the Earth
Sedona, AZ

With so much love,
Cynthia and the WOTE team

Essence of the Month

Helichrysum-- Helichrysum is a 'must-have' for summertime fun in the sun. Helio means "light" and represents the personification of the sun. This Deva is true to her name. She protects against harmful UV rays while nourishing and hydrating the cells at the same time. Helichrysum is an "amplifier", supporting the entire being in ascension and in raising the vibratory frequency. Whether you choose to use her in a hydrolat before and after the sun, for eye care, and for skin rejuvenation, or the essence after a shower with Lavender to cool and soothe a burn, Helichrysum is your summer companion for healthy, happy skin and eyes.