The End of the Patriarchy

This is certainly a time where we must balance the feminine and masculine energies within our beings and stay true and authentic to our heart call! I am so grateful that we have the plant allies to help us along.

As you know, things are certainly wild out there. There are couples splitting, people (friends) dying, suicides, earth changes, fires, and rains, lost children, parents grieving, kids killing each other and there is no accountability for the consequences of hurting others. It is happening in politics, economics, business, religion, and relationships. We see how people are making their own rules to support their behavior. My friend Kalia says,“ When you are writing your own dogma, you get to manipulate the narrative to serve you.” Ain’t that the truth!

I feel that this is just the beginning of the changes that the new energies are bringing to the planet. In all areas of life things are shifting so rapidly that sometimes we don’t know where the balance is. As women and men start to stand up and be heard, I am noticing some very disturbing trends. Where is the integrity and accountability in our world? People make all kinds of excuses to serve their perspective. We need guidelines in this new age of conscious behavior, of walking our truths without taking what someone else has, taking someone's body, and taking what does not belong to them. We are being asked by a higher spirit to stand in the light of our own sovereignty, and expand it out to serve others. .

This New Age spirituality has a lot to answer for. What is left in the wake of these pseudo teachers is a lot of pain. People are not being able to hold the light in a conscious way. Forgive me if I rant but the end of the patriarchy cannot come soon enough. We are called to embrace the Divine Feminine and find a new way of being in our hearts and moving with veracity from the heart. This will be the new paradigm, however, it is not here yet, and until that day, we have to hold onto our own inner knowing, and each of us is responsible to cultivate our own conscious conduct with the coming age of the Matriarchal way. And as divine humans, we have to be accountable for our behaviors, and speak our truths and our hurts so that we can heal. There is no other way!

May you find your way through these tumultuous times with grace and ease.

Soulstice Blessings to you!
Cynthia and the WOTE Fairies

The Spruces

Spruce trees are found at the top of the mountains, taking in all the star light, sun light, moon light and galactic light. The tress are ancient grandmothers that have been here since the beginning of time. They hold the balance and wisdom of sweet Mother Earth. The Norway Spruce is an up-lifter for the dark days of turmoil and I do believe this beautiful essence will up lift our spirits as we make our way through this transition. She clears the debris from the heart. Have a healing moment for yourself to have courage and fortitude during this time. Take a forest bath with the Spruces; they help create more spaciousness within you so that you see life from a whole new perspective. We have Black, Blue, Engelman, Norway, Red, Sitka and White Spruce to help you feel that you are on the top of the mountain, taking in all that beautiful light the sky has to offer and anchoring it into the Mother Earth. We need to be vigilant daily and root the light from our hearts into the Earth daily.

Inner Landscape Work

Won't you join Cynthia for this four-day Inner Landscape Work experience which connects your body to your spirit. This work helps you unlock old paradigms so that you can connect to your inside dreams and passions. Through movement, meditation, journaling, and heart dreaming, we get to experience deep listening and communicating with the body. We become aware of the language of form. This is an opportunity to get quiet, to go within, so that you can luxuriate and fall in love with yourself. It is a blessing to give yourself the gift of your own attention and presence.
Classes are small in size to create greater intimacy with yourself and the others.

The next class will be held here at WOTE on September 20-23, 2018
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Inner Landscape Work

October Level II Sacred WOTE Retreat ~ October 8-13, 2018

We are now taking registration for our Level II Sacred Aromatherapy Retreat in October. If you have been thinking about joining us, now is the time to register. This program is a life changer and will deepen your relationship to the Plants and Trees. It a 6 day extravaganza for your soul. You make life long friends and eat the most exquisite lunches. Level II can also open up new opportunities for your work with the essences, it will lift your level of consciousness, and will expand your knowledge of a variety different oils physically, emotionally and spiritually. Answer the call of your Soul! We would love for you to be here with us. Give Cynthia a call to talk about the retreat and to register. Call 928-649-9972.

Bring Your Vision to Life!!!

I am pleased to announce a Six-Week Tele-class on a Mastermind and Success Generating Journey with CC Treadway and Cynthia Olivera on Tuesday's July 10 - August 14, from 8-10 pm EST. Join us for this life changing, summer of fun, creativity and success experience. Today’s world is filled with endless noise, corruption and disappointment and yet there has never been a more abundant time for expansion, creativity, success and opportunity. Both CC and Cynthia have a lifetime of experience of stepping out of scarcity and into the creative plane. The creative plane operates from connecting with the soul’s desire and aligning with Creator’s plan for you. In that alignment, a new life of joy, success and fulfillment opens to you.

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Excerpt from the book Forest Bathing by Dr. Qing Li

"With such high levels of noise everywhere, most people no longer have the opportunity to enjoy the restorative sounds of peace and quite. Natural silence has been called one of the most endangered resources on the planet. Studies have shown that, when we connect with nature, we are reminded that we are something larger than ourselves. Faced with the awesome vastness of the universe, we can feel flooded with gratitude. We become less selfish and start to think about others."