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Sending Waves of Love to Our Morphogenic Field "Do not let your heart's desire become a heart's dis-ease" ~ Florence Scovel Shinn

Spring 2017 -- Spring Greeting to our WOTE Family

During these jostling times, we want to remind you to stay in your lane and not get pushed off your heart center by the holograph that is being projected around you. We recommend you use Rose to deepen the heart connection to your soul and your Higher Self so that you can stop, listen, and receive the necessary information you need to know so that you can know and own your own truth. With Spring approaching, remember to plant your seeds for conscious renewal for your heart to expand with a new and fresh approach to your reality. Remember that all things are possible and this is the year to claim it.

Barry and I will be departing for a Japanese Tour in April. We are teaching several workshops and expanding the WOTE Love Vibration across the seas. We know that you all continue to teach and share and it will be wonderful to tap into each others field to enliven the morphogenic energy around each of us. Let's continue to allow for the plants and trees and our precious Gaia to guide the way.

Spring Classes are up and running. Check out our website for all of the latest information on our class schedules. Level 1 is a life-changing experience and supports our ascension and the ascension of Gaia.

We are now taking registration for Level 2, April 24-29, 2017. We only have a few spots left. If you have been wanting to take this class, now is a beautiful opportunity since the Spring is so beautiful in Sedona.

The Japanese Tour is open to all to join us. We will be teaching in the Takayama Forest and in various Temples throughout Japan. Should you be interested in joining us, please reach out.

We at Wisdom of the Earth wish each one of you a Blessed Solstice, Happy Holiday and a very Happy New Year.

With so much love,
Cynthia and the WOTE team

Essence of the Month

Ambrette Seed-- Add Ambrette Seed to awaken the Divine Mother within as she is a catalyst to DNA activation. She strengthens the grid with Love and warmness and boosts our seeds of creation wide open for expansion. Ambrette supports us in shifting our energetic frequency into the New Earth paradigm. She helps heal the heart from anxiety, fear, and anything that tries to veer us out of our lane.