"A Roses Rarest Essence Lives in the Thorn" - Rumi

"A thorn defends the Rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom " - Chinese Proverb

We naturally form a protective barrier between ourselves and what could potentially harm us. The Rose teaches the deepest heart opening and expansion with healthy boundaries. The Universe will always bring us what we put out there to the world. The thorns are a reminder that we are off the mark and is a gentle and sometimes painful poke back in the right direction.

In this time of the "me too" movement, where women, children, and some men will no longer keep silent with the violations that have been put upon them, Rose is a sweet ally that teaches compassion for the other, but also the conscious "no". This is the no that speaks to protection of the heart and the self. The thorns protect the Rose, and if you grab her the wrong way, she will prick you and make you bleed. How often is the victim shunned when they bristle or prick back at injustices? We have been taught to be "good", which means to be silent and not stand up for ourselves Sometimes you have to call a spade a space and push back because of a lack of respect of dignity. This is one of the teachings of Rose. Be careful with me as I am sacred.

According to Robbi Zeck in the Blossoming Heart, "The glorious Rose enfolds the soul within its own fragrant song, aligning it with the higher angelic realms." It's no wonder that the Rose is a symbol of the Magdalene and the Sisters of the Rose, as well as the Mary, the Divine Mother, in so many traditions. The Rose, as queen of flowers, represents Mary the Queen of both Heaven and Earth. Her frequency raises the vibration of the human body to where, if used often enough, illness will not be able to find a doorway in. Rose teaches us to protect the very nature of our being, not allowing anyone to trespass without permission. The "No" is sacred, keeping one protected and safe.

This beautiful essences will clear out any self-loathing, despair, and disrespect one may have for Self. She will bring you deeply into your inner being and unlock all the old tapes and beliefs that no longer serve the highest evolution of the soul.

With the configuration of the recent eclipses and retrogrades, and all the trauma in and around us all, Rose has been my constant companion. She has been my summer scent and my friend. I have anointed myself and others with her sweet fragrance and love, and she always brings us back to the knowing that everything is as it should be. We are protected, aligned, and oh so loved.

I am grateful that these retrogrades will soon come to an end and that Rose has been there to guide and protect the heart path for so many of us. When we breathe her in deeply, she aligns our chakras and aligns the body-mind-spirit to a deep connection with the Highest Self.

Here at WOTE we have Rose in two forms; in a concrete form as well as steamed distilled. She is fragrantly alive in both forms and is always a vibration lifter. She brings love and light to all she touches. Give her a try!

Wishing you a wonderful summers end!

From deep within the magic of the Rose,
Cynthia and the WOTE Fairies

Essences for Heart Healing

Inula Graveolens

A powerful anti-histamine, this intoxicating flower inspires one to shed what is irritating or agitating the heart which manifests as an allergy, inflammation, itching, or sinus problem. She reduces cholesterol and clears the blood from toxic emotions and substances. Inula Graveolens helps to deepen one's breath to embody the I Am within. When the stresses of life become overwhelming and one feels they do not fit into their environment any longer, she brings one back to "home", where the heart lives. There is a space for everyone to thrive, and when we feel misplaced or even have had the belief that we should not have been born at all, Inula Graveolens brings the heart healing to guide the soul to a space where they can thrive once again.

Rose Damascena

The highest frequency flower on Earth, the Rose is in a class all her own. She sings to total and complete healing on all levels, and is powerful enough to address any known ailment that the body, mind, and soul manifests on the physical plane. She is able to heal so deeply because she addresses the emotion-thought form of Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is a love that has healthy boundaries, forgives, let's the past go, and has faith that nothing on Earth happens by chance. When one is coming to terms with their own Divinity, Rose addresses the "less than" qualities that dwell in the dark spaces of the heart. She teaches that no one can be in charge of anyone else's happiness, and sometimes you have to be a little "thorny" to keep lower frequencies out of the auric field. With her profound protection and guidance, Rose is a companion that will "tell it like it is" and be real when the heart is needing a reminder of the Infinite Light of Divinity that dwells within.

Voices of Light, Voices of Love Highlight

Some wise words on Rose from our new book...

"The Journey to awaken the sleeping beauty of Rose, raised and protected by the fairies, is necessary for ones whose own heart has been thrown open and apart by a long and thorny way. Rose teaches the divine feminine, in balance with the divine masculine. Rose is a sweet center and a fierce protection... a conscious Yes and a clear No. Rose strengthens the lover and the beloved within, balancing and clearing patterns that block the embodiment of Divine Love."
Voices of Light

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