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AUGUST 21 ECLIPSE -- Intense Energies are Showering Us with Love
Sending Cosmic Love to the WOTE Field!

There is a solar gate open at this momentous time, and the higher energies and cosmic codings are coming through for all of us to tap into and utilize. Each of us is feeling the pressure of the shift and it is affecting our family ties, political goings-on, and community interactions. In Mercury's retro-communication, old tribal relationships are being tested to the max. We are seeing the aggressiveness of the male energy that underlies his sadness, and we are seeing the sadness of the feminine energy that underlies her anger. These feelings need to be released and balanced if we are to make it through this shift. We must eventually come to the heart of neutrality. This is the work. This does not mean that you don't care, it's just that you don't let your emotion gets the best of you. All of this will be reaching a crescendo as we move towards the August 21st portal. If you feel like your spinning, you are not alone.

If you can align your breath with the breath of the incoming energies, taking them into the depth of your heart, you can transcend your ordinary reality into the radiant, mystical, living Light. As you invite these energies in, fill your cells and molecules with this Light, and it will raise your frequency to allow you to transmute the energies that you are being bombarded with. The more you breathe in this Light, the faster you will come into neutrality with your being.

Using Laurel Leaf on your heart, Fir, Cork Bark on your belly, and Ho Wood on your spine will help with the courage to keep your boundaries and stay in your own lane. Rhododendron will help bring your soul family close. These devas will keep your spirit in your body so that you can feel grounded and confident.

The more you release and forgive, the easier it will be to master this influx of cosmic light.

We are now taking registration for Level II, Oct 9-14, 2017. If you have been wanting to take this class, now is a beautiful opportunity since the Fall is so beautiful in Sedona.

Cynthia Olivera de Kapp is launching a new program late Fall called Inner Landscape Work. It is a movement-dance-essence immersion for inner transformation and spiritual mastery. More information will be coming out soon. Stay Tuned!
Inner Landscape Work
November 30 - December 3, 2017
Wisdom of the Earth
Sedona, AZ

Wishing you a spectacular solar event.
With great heart light,
Cynthia and the WOTE team


Bare witness. Take this stand called life as the privilege it is. Observe, hold space, be still Listen. Allow the infinite to penetrate. Be your own wise guide. Know that the roots of you cross all time and space. Above all, wake up to who and what you are so that this life can be lived As a prayer, As a dance, As a gift of gratitude, As a kiss on the wind that sparks briefly and blesses the hearts of all before falling into the intimate ocean of ultimate togetherness. ~ Clare Dubois

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Rhododendren-- This precious plant is used in the Temples of Nepal "for the common people to gather and to find their tribe" says our Nepalese farmer. It is burned as an incense and the flowers are put on the altar to bring forth unity. Rhododendren helps to find ones spiritual family. She relieves emotional and mental pain. If you use her on your crown chakra, she will help with focus and mental clarity. Her beautiful red flowers will help you open to the passions of your heart. A good ally in these times of flux.

Ho Wood-- If you are feeling like you need extra boundaries these day, Ho Wood is your essence. She helps break unhealthy emotional patters and helps with the courage to leap into the unknown. If you are feeling confusion and overwhelm, Ho Wood will help you find the way to your heart so that you can feel the balance and neutrality necessary to ground.