Authors Press Interview

The Authors of “Voices of Light, Voices of Love” Audre Gutierrez, Barry Kapp, and Cynthia Olivera de Kapp” talks about Inspiration and the writing process.


Upcoming Classes

Fri, 11/01/2019 – Sun, 11/03/2019
3 Day Level 1 Certification Seminar in Medicinal Aromatherapy (Stowe, PA)
Anyone can use essential oils but it takes education and wisdom to utilize Earth’s Original Medicine to its fullest healing powers.  This soul-centered essence extravaganza connects rare ancient teachings and modern cutting edge information and techniques on how to apply medicinal aromatherapy to your life, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Taught by Sharon Riegner, certified Wisdom of the Earth Level 1 facilitator.

Fri, 11/01/2019 – Sun, 11/03/2019
3 Day Level 1 Certification Seminar in Medicinal Aromatherapy (Cape Cod, MA)
This course is designed to take you into a deeper connection to the Plant and Tree medicine via the essence / life force of the plants + trees (aka WOTE essential oils). Join us for a beautiful and deeply transformational experience as you learn and experience hundreds of single pure plant and tree essences from around the planet. Medicinal Aromatherapy is compatible with and enhances any healing modality. Students will work with the essences and we will incorporate yoga, breath work + sound meditations as part of this life changing training. Bring yourself to a connecting to the planet deeper than you have ever experienced. Taught by Judi Pregot + Kristine Pregot, a mother daughter duo + Wisdom Of the Earth certified Level 1 facilitators.

Fri, 11/01/2019 – Sun, 11/03/2019
3 Day Level 1 Certification Seminar in Medicinal Aromatherapy (Chadds Ford, PA)
This class is an exploration into the heart and soul of aromatherapy.  Topics covered are:  what is medicinal and spiritual aromatherapy; the shamanic and intuitive approach to working with essential oils; understanding the energy signature of essences; application methods; how to safely work with the non-dilution and layering methods; meditating with essential oils; distillation and harvesting; and how to most effectively use essences on yourself, others and in your home.  This 3 day course is about coming home – returning to your natural state of loving and authentic Self.  


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