Online Classes

Live Online Essence Education and Meditation Class Series

6 Live Online Classes starting May 12th, 2020!

Join Lindsey Fernandez for live online opportunity to connect with plant medicine via pure essential oils and receive an intuitively guided healing in a group setting. The plants and trees carry within them an ancient wisdom that opens to us when we allow the mind to quiet and take the time to listen. When we meditate the body reaches a deep state of relaxation and a reset occurs within the nervous system. By combining pure essential oils and meditation a powerful healing experience is created. Class will begin with an introduction and in-depth description around the therapeutic applications of one chosen essential essence for physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, followed by a 20-25 minute deep guided healing and discussion/sharing. Lindsey will intuit messages received from the plants and the groups energy to facilitate grounding, re-connection and clearing of blocked energetic pathways. Lindsey is a certified master aromatherapist, massage therapist, Reiki practitioner and intuitive healer who is passionate about sharing the message of the plants and trees to empower those who desire to bring healing into their own lives.

Week 1- Angelica Root 5/12/20
Week 2- Nutmeg 5/26/20
Week 3- Rosa Rubaginosa 6/9/20
Week 4- Spikenard 6/23/20
Week 5- Litsea Cubeba 6/30/20
Week 6- Fir Needle Siberian 7/14/20

-Class is open to both Wisdom of the Earth Level One Certified students, beginners and anyone in-between.
-Classes will be live, every other Tuesday at 10am.
-Can’t make the live class, no problem! All classes will be recorded and sent out via email to listen back at your convenience.
-5ml bottles are available for each essence covered in class. Feel free to purchase individually or as a set. As always, 15ml bottles may be ordered as well. **Please have orders in no later than 5/7/20.
-Essential Essence orders may be picked up or shipped USPS.
*Level One Certified students receive 22% discount on essences.

To order your essential essences:
Option 1- email Lindsey at or 
Option 2- order the full set of 6- 5ml bottles at:

Taught by Lindsey Fernandez
(970) 331-3750
Licensed Massage Therapist &
Certified Aromatherapist

Online Level 1 Private Sacred Certification Retreat

Kat Shuford is offering private sacred certification retreats in March, April, and May 2020

A rare opportunity to work one on one with Master Teacher Kat Shuford on your Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification from your own home. Your course can be tailored to address your spiritual, emotional and physical goals and will include personal coaching. Call or email Kat to discuss your intentions, receive a class page and pricing. Students will be required purchase a Level One Kit of essences to use during each session. All class materials and books are included in the cost of the class. Class participants can audit other “live” classes across the country once they are certified. (upon permission of the teacher) You are also invited to attend any of Kat’s live courses in Salida, Colorado as an auditor during or after your certification at no cost to refresh and enhance your online coursework. (970 366 0963) to learn more!

Free Monthly Online New Moon Astrology and Aromatherapy Class

Join Sheridan each New Moon to learn what’s going on astrologically and which essences best helps you navigate the energy present. You learn about the sign the New Moon is currently in, as well as any other astrological influences happening. Sheridan teaches you about two essences that cultivate and support that particular sign, for example Rose and Ylang Ylang for Taurus, Cinnamon Bark and Red Pine for Aries, or Blue Spruce and Sage True for Virgo. Each class includes a New Moon intention-setting ceremony. She leaves time at the end for any questions you may have around medicinal aromatherapy, astrology and your unique astrological chart.

Learn more and register at:

Are you interested in our Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification Training?

1-product_THThis is not your ordinary certification course. These classes are very transformational. Not only do you learn about 100 or more individual  pure essential essences, their properties and uses, but, you enter as one  person and come out totally transformed as your Authentic Self. You create a  deeper connection to the Natural World.

2-smell_TH When you put hundreds of drops of pure essential  essences “neat” on the body (and we do), your heart opens wider and deeper. Joy  and bliss increase exponentially, and your world changes in a positive way. You  begin to take responsibility for your health, your happiness, and your  attitude.  These sweet devas are such an important tool, regardless  of your occupation or healing modality. They make life so much better. The  essences can support you on the journey of Ascension (or any journey) and have  no adverse side effects.  We have seen such profound shifts in the lives  of our students, teachers and clients.

3-pray_TH This class is for those interested in the healing arts, natural medicine, massage therapy, aromatherapy, self-care, the care of your family and reconnecting with our natural world to enhance meditation, yoga, chanting, and your life in general.

4-meditate_TH Our teachers are of the highest integrity and heart. They possess an enormous amount of knowledge of the Natural World. We trust and honor each and every one one of them.  Give them a call.  They will be happy to answer any question you might have about the training