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Ritual of Health – Join Leila Astarabadi on the second Sunday of each month as she teaches the art of creating daily ritual in your life with the essences and the power of your intention.

Where:  Irvine, California
When: Second Sunday of the month
Time:  3pm
Cost:  $30
Register:  RSVP required by emailing
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Over the past 15 years, Leila Astarabadi has been working in her own private practice to help her clients to nurture and restore their well-being. With her help, clients are able to relieve tension, promote detoxification, open blocked energy channels and strengthen their entire immune system. Leila empowers and helps her clients and students to slow down and listen to their true alignment and connection to their inner nature in order to restore balance and harmony to their internal eco-system of health.  Her creative and joyful method of teaching combines her vast background in the Healing Arts, Vedic Sciences and Universal Kabbalah.
Leila is a graduate of the Southern California University of Health Sciences. She is an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, California Massage Therapist, Naam Yoga + Shakti Naam Teacher, Registered Yoga Instructor, Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist & Level 1 Certification Teacher + Instructor and Harmonyum Healing Practitioner. Leila is a professional member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine (CAAM).



Turning Up Your Megahertz!!

with Wisdom from the Plant & Tree Devas and

Sacred Selenite Swords of Light

Co-facilitated by Michele Amburgey & Karen Moe

Saturday, December 2, 2017 – 2-6 pm @ Awakenings Metaphysical Bookstore, Laguna Niguel, CA. $55 reservation suggested – $65 at the door.

There are 144,000 Megahertz of light available to your being if all chakras are cleared, balanced and operating properly. The more Light you are filled with, the higher your vibration, creating an optimal environment for your well-being and ultimately your ascension.

During this workshop we will be working with plant Devas specifically chosen to clear and support each chakra raising the vibration of your internal energy centers. You will be anointed with these divine essences as your chakras are balanced, and space is created for the light to flow in. The Wisdom of these essences will be shared for ongoing support of your physical, emotional & spiritual vessel.

Sacred Geometrical Alignment with Selenite Swords of Light will reset your energetic field and boost the light frequency within your body vessel. Selenite Swords are high vibrational tools that facilitate cleansing, clearing and balancing of the entire Energy matrix to the 11th dimension. They instantly remove all blocks and limitations. They are activated with over 200 crystals, volcanic rock, waters from 40 sacred spots around the world, all of the Sacred geometrical forms, and over 400 Ascended Masters, Angels, Holy Beings, Sacred Mantra, Emerald Tablets, Sacred Plant Medicines and much, much more. They will align you to your Divine Source for healing, attunement and Ascension.

Frequency is at the core of everything. The vitality of your frequency is paramount in all ways. Come join us for this profound journey into the field of Light and Love. Plug In & Turn It Up! for more info on Michele contact info for Karen and to reserve your spot. More info on Karen at and


Are you interested in our Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification Training?

1-product_THThis is not your ordinary certification course. These classes are very transformational. Not only do you learn about 100 or more individual  pure essential essences, their properties and uses, but, you enter as one  person and come out totally transformed as your Authentic Self. You create a  deeper connection to the Natural World.

2-smell_TH When you put hundreds of drops of pure essential  essences “neat” on the body (and we do), your heart opens wider and deeper. Joy  and bliss increase exponentially, and your world changes in a positive way. You  begin to take responsibility for your health, your happiness, and your  attitude.  These sweet devas are such an important tool, regardless  of your occupation or healing modality. They make life so much better. The  essences can support you on the journey of Ascension (or any journey) and have  no adverse side effects.  We have seen such profound shifts in the lives  of our students, teachers and clients.

3-pray_TH This class is for those interested in the healing arts, natural medicine, massage therapy, aromatherapy, self-care, the care of your family and reconnecting with our natural world to enhance meditation, yoga, chanting, and your life in general.

4-meditate_TH Our teachers are of the highest integrity and heart. They possess an enormous amount of knowledge of the Natural World. We trust and honor each and every one one of them.  Give them a call.  They will be happy to answer any question you might have about the training