Level 1 ~ Jen & Velvet (Forsaa, Finland)

LOCATION: Rataharju Retreat Center ~ Forssa, Finland

DATE: February 28th – March 1st 

TIMEFriday 5-9 p.m.

            Saturday 9 a.m.-9 p.m.

            Sunday 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

ADDRESS: Kukkopillintie 152 Forssa Finland

CONTACTVelvet at 406-250-4560 or velvet59937@yahoo.com or Jen at 916-749-0587 or jlcobet@gmail.com

Join us in the winter wonderland of Finland. We will be in a farm style retreat center in Forssa Finland with over 70 hectares of magical old growth forest to help support our deep immersion into the plant spirits in this course. Nestled in amongst Birch, Spruce & an array of other beautiful plants Rataharju Retreat Center is a perfect setting to go deeper into learning about amazing Wisdom of the Earth Plant Essences. We are excited to invite you.
Over the course of 3 days Jen and Velvet will share with you the gifts of over 70 single plant essences. They will feed your brain by sharing how these plants help our nervous systems, our digestive systems, our muscles, bones and blood. They will also feed your soul by giving you the opportunity to experience many of the essences through meditation and journey work. 
This class will appeal to all types of healing professionals who want to learn more about the medicinal qualities of the essences. It will also apply to people who want to take more personal responsibility for their physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. This class will give you the confidence, knowledge and different applications for the essences so that you can use them more consciously in your practice or in your life. 

Course Topics:

• What is Medicinal Aromatherapy
• Wisdom of the Earth’s philosophy and principles
• The Wisdom of the Earth difference 
Including purity, non-dilution, not blending, and self-responsibility
• How essential oils are made
• Characteristics of plant and tree essences and medicine
• The physical, emotional and spiritual uses of over 70 essences
• Experiential and written understanding of those 70+ essences
• Application methods
• Your spiritual heart and deeper opening and listening
• Frequency and Vibration for healing and health
• Part of the plant used and its relation to human uses
• Systems of the body and key essences for each
• Quality and price considerations
• Essences and the chakra system
• Cultivating your intuition and trust in yourself
• Class practice with a partner
• Meditation and ceremony with the essences
• Plant, tree and earth consciousness
• Lots and lots of self-love and honoring of you!


Included with your class:

• Wisdom of the Earth Essences Reference Guide
• Course notebook detailing the above topics and all of the essences
• Wisdom of the Earth Speaks book


Payment/Cancellation Policy – 

14 days or more before the class date:

To receive the $550 early registration rate, you must pay the tuition in full.

• To pay in installments, the regular registration rate of $575 applies and a non-refundable deposit of 50% ($287.50) is required to hold your place. The full amount must be received before the class begins.
• Check, Cash or Credit Cards are accepted forms of payment.


Less than 11 days before the class date:

• The registration fee is $575 and must be paid in full before the start of class.
• To pay in installments, a non-refundable deposit of 50% ($287.50) is required to hold your place. The full amount is due before the class begins.
• Check, Cash, or Credit Cards are accepted forms of payment.

Course Requirements

Please bring a pillow to sit on, pens/pencils (be prepared to take lots of notes!), a bag lunch, and something precious to you to include in the meditation circle on the morning of day 2 (e.g., stone, piece of jewelry, picture). To receive certification, you must write a 6 page paper (double spaced) on an essence of your choice.

You have 3 months from the date of the class to submit the paper…but we strongly recommend that you not take that long. You can include information on the history of the essence, where and how it is produced, information on conditions, symptoms it addresses, personal experiences (your own, your clients or family) with the essence, pictures, poems, stories, etc. Please include a simple bibliography on your sources as part of the paper. It is YOUR paper and you are sharing YOUR personal experience and learning.

By submitting the paper, you are giving Wisdom of the Earth permission to excerpt sections from the paper for instructional use in our Newsletter and/or Website. Please be sure to include your name (as you would like it to appear on your certificate), address, telephone number and email address on the COVER PAGE of the paper. Also include a check for $25 payable to Wisdom of the Earth for the certification administrative fee. Once you have submitted your paper, you are eligible for Wholesale Distributor pricing on Wisdom of the Earth essential essences, a 22% discount off the practitioner price. Also, you are entitled to audit future Level 1 seminars (space permitting) at no cost, but you MUST register to do so.