Level 1 ~ Cynthia Olivera (OMEGA Institute – Rhinebeck, NY)

Wisdom of the Earth Level 1 Certification Course

By Cynthia Olivera, Educational Director for WOTE

Omega Institute (Rhinebeck, NY) Monday, June 3, 2019 – Friday, June 7, 2019


Take a journey with Master Medicinal Aromatherapist Cynthia Olivera. Since 2001, Cynthia has been working as a spiritual counselor using medicinal essences to transform old paradigms and patterns.  She will teach how to go beyond common aromatherapy usage and go into the heart of Medicinal Aromatherapy. In this course, students will be invited to take a deeper dive into self-awakening to heal the body, mind, and spirit while gaining a greater understanding of our place on Mother Earth. Tapping into her indigenous Caribbean and Corsican roots, Cynthia explores how the ancient wisdom of the plants and trees can guide us through these modern, tumultuous times.

For over forty years, she has taught movement, dance, brain integration, meditation and breath work to children and adults. Cynthia shows you how to use wisdom and intuition to integrate the essences into other modalities. She engages her students by incorporating movement and exploring how dance brings power to our prayers, meditations, healing, and spirituality.

In this course, Cynthia will explore over 70 essential oils and their many uses, debunking common myths. The systems of the body will be covered. Students will learn application methods and gain insight into how factory production processes negatively affect essential oil qualities. Immerse yourself in the love of the plants and trees and explore what’s possible. Although written material is provided, most of what students will learn is information that cannot be found on paper. Direct contact with the essences is the most profound way of beginning to develop a relationship with each plant and tree.

This course is for those interested in the healing arts, natural medicine, massage therapy, aromatherapy, self-care, the care of you, and your family. This sacred teaching will facilitate a deep connection with our natural world. This work profoundly enhances practices such as meditation, yoga, other wellness modalities, and your life in general.

Working directly with the plants and trees creates a powerful doorway that provides tools for authentic living, deep healing, and clearing away old beliefs. Get ready to empower yourself on your path of Self-Healing, Connecting to Mother Earth, and soul-level Transformation toward your life’s purpose.

      Course Outline

  • Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Essence Philosophy
  • Physiological, Emotional and Spiritual effects of Essential Oils
  • Healing common conditions such as hormonal imbalances, back and neck aches, digestion, arthritis, depression, stress and anxiety, candida, libido, menopause, and substance dependency
  • Practical and Ancient application methods
  • Experience over 70+ single pure essences (Anointing & Written Essences)
  • Quality and Cost Considerations
  • Methods of Essence Production
  • Frequency Matters
  • Chakras and Medicinal Essences
  • Essences to enhance a multitude of healing modalities and personal development programs (ie. Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Feng Shui, etc)
  • Journey into the Heart ~ Heart Activations ~ Essences and techniques to connect the Earth, Sun and your Heart ~ Raising your Vibration.
  • Movement and Meditation
  • Using essences in ceremony ~ Chanting and Song
  • Connecting with Plant and Tree consciousness ~ Channeling the Plants and Trees


You will receive:

3 books (WOTE Reference Guide, WOTE Speaks Book, and Course Manual)

Please bring:

Bring a journal and something precious to you to include in the meditation circle on the last morning (e.g., stone, piece of jewelry, picture).

Level 1 Certification Requirements

Certification Administration Fee:

A $50 Processing Fee is due when the Level 1 Certification paper is submitted.  Please make checks payable to WOTE.  Credit cards are acceptable.

To receive certification, you must write a 5-page paper (double spaced) on an essence of your choice. You have 3 months from the date of the class to submit the paper…but we strongly recommend that you not take that long. You can include information on the history of the essence, where and how it is produced, information on conditions, symptoms it addresses, personal experiences (your own, your clients or family) with the essence, pictures, poems, stories, etc.

Please add a simple bibliography on your sources as the last page of your paper. It is YOUR paper and you are sharing YOUR personal experience and learning. By submitting the paper, you are giving Wisdom of the Earth permission to excerpt sections from the paper for instructional use in our Newsletter and/or Website. Please be sure to include your name (as you would like it to appear on your certificate), address, telephone number, and email address on the COVER PAGE of the paper. Also include a check for $50 payable to WOTE for the certification administrative fee. Once you have submitted your paper, you are eligible for Wholesale Distributor pricing on Wisdom of the Earth essential essences, a 22% discount off the practitioner price. Also, you are entitled to audit future Level 1 seminars (space permitting) at no cost, but you MUST register to do so.

Cancellation Policy:

Please see the Omega Institute website at www.eomega.org. 

Your Course Instructor

Cynthia Olivera

Cynthia Olivera is the Educational Director for Wisdom of the Earth.  She is a Master Medicinal Aromatherapist and Spiritual Counselor who uses medicinal essences to help shift old paradigms and patterns.  Cynthia travels internationally to teach plant and tree consciousness. She is masterful on leading her students on how to open to the messages they offer to those who are ready to hear from them. Cynthia is also the founder and facilitator for Inner Landscape Work Training, a deep movement/meditation method that unlocks past lives, releases pain of the heart, and re-patterns the body to facilitate the ability to love more deeply.  Her workshops in rediscovering the juiciness of life through sacred sensuality, movement, meditation, and heart dreaming are experiential learning environments that allow a shift in personal reality to joyously occur.

Cynthia’s mission on Earth is to anchor the Light and help awaken the human consciousness to its true magnificence. Having had her first awakening when she was 13 (on her stoop in Queens, NY), she sought teachers who would bring her to new levels of understanding and has never stopped this quest for authenticity. She has been a truth seeker and metaphysician for over 50 years. 

As a life-long meditator, she has had contact with many Angelic and Extraterrestrial Beings.  She works with these Ascended Beings to bring more awareness and love to Gaia as she moves through her Ascension process.  Working with the plants and trees brings us to a place of true authenticity and helps the Mother Earth to heal.  Our Earth is moving into a higher cosmic template of love. All that is not love must be brought to the surface to be released and healed. It is her privilege and joy to know and serve so many beautiful souls who are here on Earth at this magnificent time of transformation.

To learn more about Cynthia’s visit her website at www.innerlandscapework.com